Yearly Archives: 2023

Use AI to Build Online Forms

Formsite AI examples

Artificial Intelligence (commonly known as AI) uses machine learning to automate tasks. Recently services like ChatGPT and Bard emerged to provide access for the public to use these systems. Formsite engineers jumped at the chance to test the new technology and now form owners can, too! Discover the simplicity of incorporating AI into your form-building process.

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Use Pipe Codes for Personalization, Copying Answers, and More

Formsite Pipe codes sample

Pipe Codes are placeholder codes that copy answers from previous fields to other places. Piping lets form owners pass values to other form items for many reasons including:

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Build a Form List Portal to Share Answers Across Forms

Formsite form list portal sample

Formsite forms save each form's results separate from other forms. There are times when form owners want to link the results from one form to another. For example, a list of forms that a new employee needs to complete. Another example is making repeat orders for previous customers. See how to build a form list portal that lets form visitors pass their information to one or more listed forms.

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