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Covid Templates and Online Form Examples

Formsite Covid templates

Formsite’s online form builder lets form owners build forms from scratch or start with a template. For forms containing unfamiliar questions or topics, templates are a great way to get started. The recent COVID-19 recommendations include completing questionnaires and check-ins for people at risk. These forms are available to copy under the Covid templates category in the templates area.

The Covid templates include:

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Form Header and Footer Uses, Tips & Examples

Formsite form Header and Footer

Formsite online form builder gives form owners over 40 different item types to collect responses and format the form. Adding the Page Break item gives the ability to make multi-page forms, and using multiple pages allows for other enhancements. One such feature is the form Header and Footer, which appears on every page of the form.

Using the form Header and Footer, form owners add content that appears on every page to make branding more consistent. Uses also include support for the repeating page rule and adding navigation links to other forms and/or pages on your site.

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Send HTML Email Notifications from Online Forms

Formsite HTML email

Sending email after receiving new form results is possibly the most-used feature at Formsite. Many form owners want to send an email as either a receipt or to notify one or more people that a new result exists. HTML email Notifications let form owners add styling to the messages to align with branding rules, increase readability, and create better emails.

Unfortunately, email works on systems different than web pages so there isn’t as much support for more powerful HTML features. Also, the software used to view email needs to support a much wider range of devices. For example, it’s possible to send email to fax machines and text devices, which would not be able to display any colors or images.

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Fitness Tracking Forms for the New Year

Formsite fitness tracking tools

Formsite gives form owners the ability to build systems for collecting and processing all kinds of information. A popular example for the beginning of the year is fitness tracking forms. Build custom forms to enter meal data, exercise schedules, and other stats, then calculate and create reports to track progress.

Some examples of forms for fitness tracking include:

  • Weight loss tracking
  • Measurements gain and loss
  • Meal composition values
  • Food nutrient calculator
  • Exercise planner
  • Workout calendar
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