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Collect Custom Code Values in Form Results

Formsite Custom Code values sample

Custom Code items let form owners add code to do special things on their forms. Examples include embedding videos, adding HTML or CSS, and collecting values from scripts. A common question is how to save the output of the Custom Code values in the form’s Results Table.

Custom Code items place their code on the form but do not have a built-in input field, like other form items. Short Answer items, for example, have an input field where visitors enter their text, then that text saves in the result. Since Custom Code items only display their contents, there’s nothing that can collect a value.

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Results Labels for Custom Results & Reports

Formsite Results Labels example

Online forms use input fields to collect visitor answers. Each form item uses either a text box or multi-select method to collect the answers. The questions display in the items’ label on the form and column headers in the Results Table. Formsite’s Results Labels let you customize those questions and column headers for more useful results.

Form results appear in the form’s Results Table as rows representing each separate submission. Every input item in the form has its own column and the items’ label is the column header. Sometimes the item’s question has text that makes it harder to use in the Results Table, or even no text.

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Export Uploaded Files from Form Results

Formsite export uploaded files example

The Results Table includes the data submitted through the form. The data includes the form visitors’ choices, text answers, and files uploaded to the form. Export uploaded files to keep files safe and organized, and to stay within the Formsite service level limits.

Adding the File Upload item to the form lets visitors include attached files to their form result. When the form receives the new result containing an attached file, Formsite saves the file and the link to the file appears in the result row.

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Add Images to your Online Form with Formsite

Formsite add images examples

One feature of Formsite online forms is the ability to add images to make forms more interesting and useful. For example, adding an organization’s logo or photo of products helps visitors know that they’re in the right place. Formsite provides 3 ways to add images using our form builder.

  1. Heading item
  2. Image item
  3. Description Text

These items give form owners the ability to include images on the form depending on the specific need. Each item displays images in its own way and is designed for different applications.

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Include Images in Results PDF Documents

Formsite include images in Results PDF

A popular feature for Formsite form owners is the Results Docs, which creates a document from individual results. The Results Docs feature evolved over time to support PDF and Word document templates and merged data from each result. A limitation of PDF and Word templates is the inability to include uploaded images. The Custom PDF Results Doc format solves that problem with the ability to include images in Results PDF files.

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Show the Highest Bid on Your Auction Form Using the API

Formsite highest bid example code

Auction forms come with special considerations for form owners. Silent auctions are those that collect bids without knowing what everyone else bids. The person with the highest bid gets contacted after the auction completes and they typically don’t know by how much they won.

Collecting bids on products and services works by adding a Number item and letting visitors enter their bid. Adding a small amount of Javascript turns the silent auction into a live auction by displaying the highest bidder.

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