Save Progress During Form Completion – Feature Update

Save & Return offers form visitors the ability to log in and save progress of their form, then return in the future. Starting a form before logging in, however, used to mean that the form had to restart after login. To save their answers, form visitors needed to log in first.

Formsite save progress

That has changed. Formsite’s Save & Return now allows form visitors to save their progress at any point in the form completion process.

Save & Return Update

Save & Return can be enabled by either activating it on the Form Settings -> Save & Return page, or by adding a Save & Return item to the form. Many form owners would add multiple Save & Return items to forms, however, which caused problems.

Previously, offering the option to log in required the Save & Return item to appear at the top of the form before any input fields. Putting the Save & Return item on the form after input items risked lost data due to leaving the form to log in.

Formsite save progress save and return

Now form owners can give visitors the option to save their answers at any time. By enabling Save & Return, the form will automatically display the ‘Save Progress’ button at the bottom for all visitors. Clicking the button will do one of two things:

  1. For logged in users the previous save behavior remains the same.
  2. For non-logged in users, the answers save as an incomplete result and they return to the form’s login page. Once they create an account they return to their result on the first page.

Save Progress Details

Formsite save progress enable save and return

Previously the save button appeared only to logged-in users. This update displays the button to all visitors when the form has Save & Return enabled.

If the user enters the form from the login page, everything behaves as before.

If the user enters the form without logging in and with Save & Return enabled, they will see the Save Progress button. Clicking the button lets them create a new account to save their answers.

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