Yearly Archives: 2005


  • New pie and horizontal bar graphing capabilities are available from the “Item Detail Summary” section.
  • New site layout places a better focus on all content.
  • Access printable billing receipts through your “My Account->Billing History” menu.
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  • Functional enhancements have been implemented to avoid “This Page Has Expired” errors in Internet Explorer
  • The drop-down menu system is now functional within our edit area.
  • Users are able to search and edit through forms that are closed.
  • Improved question positioning of radio button and check box questions, making the fields appear closer to each other.
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  • Form Scheduling Options: You now have the ability to establish a start date, end date, and maximum number of results stored per form. You can open and close your form with this new automation.
  • Form Login Account Uploads: Create user accounts for your form in bulk by uploading a list of username/password combinations.
  • Email Routing: Route the email result of the form based on users’ answers.
  • Improved Form Security: A new feature allows you to prevent certain computer names or IP addresses from submitting your form.
  • Anonymous Responses: By default, Formsite will record a user’s IP address for your records. You can prevent Formsite from recording the identifying information in your results.
  • Delete Images: Delete images you have uploaded and no longer need.
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  • PayPal integration was added for Professional level members. This is available from the “My Forms->PayPal” menu option. This allows order forms to collect billing information and accept payments online.
  • Improved menu operation to highlight features that do not appear on the main Welcome screen.
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  • The Look And Feel of forms can be customized throughout. Advanced customization by CSS users can be achieved through the “My Forms->Form Profile” menu.
  • Minor tweaks to the editing area, fixing a bug that made drop-down lists appear incorrectly when special characters were used.
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  • Added new Printable Report feature, which displays all form results specially formatted for printing. This report displays one question per page, with all associated answers.
  • Added feature, “Look and Feel” to phase out the old Color/Font/Background configuration. Forms now support style sheets and matching left-aligned questions.
  • Minor interface changes.
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  • Improved performance, allowing for faster page response times.
  • New internal site layout designed to help new users.
  • Added feature, “Send Form to Other Account” designed to help users share forms between multiple accounts.
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Billions of forms submitted