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Mailchimp Merge Tags for Advanced Email Lists

Formsite account owners have access to some of the most powerful and useful integrations available. These integrations allow enhanced functions like payment processing, copies of file attachments, and email list automation. In addition to adding email addresses to lists, the Mailchimp merge tags let form owners send other information to enhance list records.

What are Mailchimp Merge Tags?

The initial fields available with a new Mailchimp list are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Merge tags allow list owners to set additional, custom fields to add information and context to each list record. Formsite MailChimp merge tags
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GDPR & Privacy Shield for European Formsite Customers

The European Union (or EU) has worked to protect online information rights for European and global citizens alike. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulatory plan that provides individual data protection rights, and also aligns multiple data privacy laws across Europe under a single directive. This new regulation protects EU citizens and provides an outline for online privacy. The effect on US and other global businesses is to require that everyone complies with the GDPR guidelines when conducting business with EU citizens. Accordingly, Formsite has taken the necessary steps to fully comply with the Privacy Shield and GDPR directives. Formsite GDPR
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Hidden Formatting Items in Form Results

A common question we receive is how to add formatting items to results in either the Results Table or Notifications. Since the result information is only text, regular formatting items like headers or separator bars aren't included because they're more than text. With only text to work with, is it possible to add hidden formatting items to make results easier to read?

Yes, by adding a Hidden Field item after each Heading item or Page Break item, form builders can add text as hidden formatting items to every result. Text, page numbers, piping codes, and more!

Formsite hidden formatting items


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Friendly Pricing for Clear & Easy Form Services

Formsite makes it easy to be a customer with our friendly pricing, guaranteed satisfaction, and pay-as-you-go plans. Among major fears reported by online customers, the fear of hidden charges and confusing contracts tops the lists. Our service costs are completely transparent and are set up to avoid those fears.

Free Trial

The cornerstone of Formsite's friendly pricing is the 14-day Free Pro Trial. Try Formsite for 14 days with no obligation, no fees, and no credit card required. The Pro Trial lets all new customers try the system at the Pro 2 service level for two full weeks. Create forms, set up email notifications, and collect results while testing the integrations, Workflow, payment processing, and more.

Formsite friendly pricing trial

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Results Table Features & Tips for Managing Form Results

Every Formsite form collects results in its Results Table, with each row as a separate result. Navigating the Results Table is easy for new form owners and learning how it works can make it powerful, too.

Formsite Results Table

Sorting, filtering, customizing columns, and viewing individual results are the tip of the iceberg. Form owners can also:

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Landing Page Tips & Referral Tracking

Formsite landing pageAn excellent use of Formsite forms is as a landing page for collecting leads. Landing pages are often cornerstone content where customers can get the most relevant content regarding the site’s products or services. Another common landing page strategy is to place unique content that includes a contact form where visitors can request more information.

Regardless of whether the page is available to anyone who reaches the site or limited to specific campaigns, tracking the visitor’s referrer is essential. The referrer is the URL from the page where the visitor linked to the landing page. Knowing where the leads come from can help to optimize the lead generation campaigns and grow the overall traffic.

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HTML Head Tags & Links Customization

A primary factor for many Formsite customers is the ability to instantly make a new form that contains all of the required parts. Web forms are fundamentally web pages after all, and setting up the file structure can be troublesome and time-intensive if you don’t do it all the time. An essential and powerful part of the web page is the HTML Head area. This group of HTML elements contains many of the page’s critical links and definitions.

Formsite HTML Head

Formsite HTML Head advancedHow to customize the HTML Head area:

  1. Go to the Form Editor
  2. Click the Style button
  3. Click the Advanced Link

Some examples of the data included in the HTML Head include:

  • Meta tags for defining the page’s title, description, keywords, author, etc.
  • Links to external scripts and style sheets
  • Analytics tracking code that should appear on every page of the form
  • Custom form preview image and content information
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Workflow Enhancements For Easy Setup & Use

A powerful and popular Formsite feature is the automated system for connecting forms, which we call Workflow. We have recently published some Workflow enhancements to help make this popular feature even more usable. For those who are unfamiliar with the Workflow feature, an example of a Workflow is an approval process:

  1. The form visitor submits the first form,
  2. Triggering an email to the supervisor with a link to the second form,
  3. That the supervisor approves or denies, then submits the second form
  4. The supervisor’s answer optionally returns to the original visitor and/or forwards to others for further processing.

Formsite Workflow enhancements

Workflow Enhancements

The Workflow enhancements for the most recent release includes:

  • New Workflow templates
  • Ability to map images & Signatures
  • Automatic Workflow folders
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