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New Workflow Feature

Have you ever wanted to relate two or more forms together? With our new Workflow feature, you can!

In addition to simply tying two or more forms together, Workflows also allow you to implement very complex and powerful logic. With an optional Form Mapping, you can easily carry users' responses through multiple forms as well.

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We have enhanced our forms and Payment Integration to support Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB), which is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription-based, transactions. To use this, navigate to the "Form->Payments" page, click on the "" tab, set the Payment Location setting to "On form" and check the"Enable Recurring Billing (subscriptions)" box. Then, specify the Recurring Subscription Schedule with the Time Between Billings (billing interval) and Number of Payments settings.

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New Rounded Corners

We have a new Look & Feel option to set rounded corners for form fields. With the arrival of Internet Explorer 10 and the decrease in older versions of Internet Explorer, we can now begin to offer more advanced Look & Feel options.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners will work in any modern browser. Internet Explorer 8 and below cannot support rounded corners.

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Enhanced Google Spreadsheets Integration

Our Google Spreadsheets Integration has been updated to provide extra convenience and security, courtesy of Google's newest OAuth 2.0 authentication. To take advantage of this, simply visit the "Form->Integrations->Google Spreadsheets" page, click "Get Token", and follow the prompts.

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Restore Recently Deleted Forms

Everyone makes mistakes. When you delete a form, you now have up to 7 days to restore it. On your account's My Forms page, see the folders dropdown list at the top-right of the forms table, then select Deleted Forms to show and restore any recently deleted forms.

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White Label Service

In addition to our Custom Form Domain service *, Formsite now offers a full White Label service. The White Label version of is for businesses that want to offer Formsite functionality as their own. You can rebrand our service using your logo, company name, domain, etc.

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New Choice Editor

Formsite has a new choice editor for multiple choice items. Previously, choices were stored by position; adding or removing choices would cause data in stored results to shift, potentially causing inaccuracies. The new choice editor tracks choice changes and updates stored results accordingly.

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New Calculations Feature

Have you ever needed your form to calculate a value based on a user's input? With our new Calculations feature, your form can now do this.

For example, if you have a text field for "length" and a text field for "width", you can set up an equation that multiplies these fields together to calculate a user's square footage value.

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New Running Total Item

Our new Running Total item allows you to add running totals to your Order Forms. Sometimes you may want users to immediately see their current order total, without having to first complete the remainder of your form.

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