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Coolest Phone Call (from Redfoo) in 14 Years of FormSite

I've got a cool story to tell. No, it wasn't the Google calling to buy us out. It was early this year and I was feeling great about all we've got lined up for 2012 at Formsite. I was in my office answering email and listening to music. Since I have a private office, I often work with my music turned up pretty loud. I was listening to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO when the phone rang. My kids love the song "Party Rock" and it was one of my "money" songs that helped push me through finishing Chicago Marathon in 2011. I would say it was probably my favorite song at the time my phone was ringing.

I go to pick up the ringing phone and I accidentally drop my phone headset. Scrambling to pick up the headset and get it adjusted, I don't have time to hit the mute button on my music. I answer the phone "Hello this is Randy" while "Party Rock" is blaring in the background. I hit the mute button and the guy on the other end of the phone says, "This is RedFoo from LMFAO."

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Enhanced Form Login Features

For those unfamiliar, our Form Login feature allows form users to create accounts that are associated with their form results. This can be used for save and return functionality or to restrict a form to a list of designated users.

Previously, each user account could only have one associated form result. If the user returned after completing the form, they could only update their original result instead of starting a new one. With the enhanced Form Login, we have now added an option to allow multiple form results.

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Notifications Page Renovated

One of our most popular features is Notifications, which can send out emails when a form is submitted. As such, we often add new features or functionality to Notifications. You can't argue with that, right? Well, the downside is that over time, our once clean-and-simple design for its settings page ballooned out a little bit, and we felt it got in the way of using all those great new features.

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Item Settings Overhaul

Item settings pages are a core of form building. It is a challenge to keep our huge list of settings organized when new settings are constantly being developed and introduced. After studying our current pages, we made a number of changes to reorganize, speed editing, and increase usability.

To declutter the tops of the pages, we moved each item's description text to a detailed Form Items documentation page. We found that the fancy text formatting options were rarely used, so we hid the Text Editor and its numerous extra buttons— but you can use the "Enable Text Editor" option to quickly enable it.

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