Item Settings Overhaul

Item settings pages are a core of form building. It is a challenge to keep our huge list of settings organized when new settings are constantly being developed and introduced. After studying our current pages, we made a number of changes to reorganize, speed editing, and increase usability.

To declutter the tops of the pages, we moved each item’s description text to a detailed Form Items documentation page. We found that the fancy text formatting options were rarely used, so we hid the Text Editor and its numerous extra buttons— but you can use the “Enable Text Editor” option to quickly enable it.

To make yes/no settings more concise and to free more space, we switched to single checkboxes. Lastly, wherever possible, we removed extra separators, borders, and lines.

Item settings comparisson.

As you can see in the example above, for the Short Answer item page, we were able to fit the same settings into 30% less space.

Billions of forms submitted