Notifications Page Renovated

One of our most popular features is Notifications, which can send out emails when a form is submitted. As such, we often add new features or functionality to Notifications. You can’t argue with that, right? Well, the downside is that over time, our once clean-and-simple design for its settings page ballooned out a little bit, and we felt it got in the way of using all those great new features.

Notifications Update

Everyone knows how to send an email, so why is creating a Notification so difficult? That’s one of the major questions we looked at, and lo and behold, that was also our answer. Rather than looking at the Notifications page as a group of settings, we re-imagined the page as your common email client. The main changes you’ll see involve the page being remodeled to mimic what you would see when sending out an email. Beyond that, we took this time to make a lot of improvements behind the scenes as well.

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