Enhanced Form Login Features

For those unfamiliar, our Form Login feature allows form users to create accounts that are associated with their form results. This can be used for save and return functionality or to restrict a form to a list of designated users.

Previously, each user account could only have one associated form result. If the user returned after completing the form, they could only update their original result instead of starting a new one. With the enhanced Form Login, we have now added an option to allow multiple form results.

Enhanced Form Login

When a user logs into their account, they can choose from a list of their past results, or choose to start a new result. Additionally, there is a new option to allow only incomplete results to be updated. Once the user fully completes a result for the first time, it is “done” and no further changes can be made. This allows us to now offer Form Login for use on Order Forms. You can block updating complete results so that once an order has been fully completed, a user can’t return and change what they have ordered.

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