• Search Results. Searches can involve one or more fields using either AND or OR logic to constrain the search.
  • Public View Constraints. You can now choose the fields that will be displayed to the general public when sharing results.
  • Public Table View. Links are now provided so that either the Result Summary Table (grid) or the Result Summary (graphs) can be displayed to the general public.
  • Question Positioning. Questions can now be positioned above, to the right, and to the left of the answer field.
  • Other Question Type. Optionally, an “OTHER” choice can now be defined for both Radio Buttons and Check Box question types.
  • Font Size and Face. Font size and face (type) can now be specified for your form. Choose your own font type or choose from one of the many pre-defined font faces we have listed.
  • Improved Uploads. The process for uploading both images and data has been simplified.
  • Download Delimiter. You can now specify the delimiter used to separate columns for downloaded data. Features have also been added to make working with large result sets (>1000) easier.
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