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New Feature: Search Formsite’s 2,000+ Integrations

Formsite integrations search

Formsite’s integrations let form owners create custom connections with other online services. As the form collects data, the integrations use the data to perform other actions. Use the new integrations search tool to find new services to use with Formsite forms.

The integrations search tool lets visitors view how other online services can connect with Formsite’s online forms. As a result, our built-in integrations plus Zapier’s most popular Zaps offer connections to over 2,000 services.

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Show Real-time Charts with Results Reports

Surveys and quizzes can sometimes benefit from showing the form visitor how others answered. For example, consider a survey or voting form with a few options. The survey owner may want to display each option’s status after each result as a pie chart or bar graph. Formsite’s Results Reports let form owners show charts in real-time.

Formsite real-time charts vote results

Quiz results can also display immediately to show how the quiz-taker performed. For instance, the Results Reports can show each question as a chart showing the results for each answer. Another option uses Scoring to calculate the overall score and a percentage to assign a grade.

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Stripe Payment Methods for Global Customers

Formsite’s payment integrations allow form owners to collect credit card payments with their online forms. Our Stripe integration is a popular way for form owners to collect payments online from credit cards. In addition to credit cards, Stripe payment methods includes support for other global processors.

These extra settings allow for methods and currencies not supported by the default integration. Targeted primarily to European customers, these settings enable electronic transfers and/or specific regions and banks.

Formsite Stripe payment methods
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Custom Scheduled Export Days & Times

Formsite custom Scheduled Export

Formsite now supports setting custom days and times for sending Scheduled Exports. Scheduling results exports lets form owners receive periodic exports of form results. Previously, all Scheduled Exports ran at times convenient to the servers. Now form owners set custom Scheduled Export days and times for maximum convenience.

Scheduling exports continues to provide monthly, weekly, and daily options. The new settings also allow for setting specific days and times for each export.

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Custom File Names for Results Docs in Notifications

A new feature recently published is the ability to set custom file names for Results Docs attached to Notifications. The Results Docs feature creates PDF or Word docx documents for each form result. These generated documents are received as Notification attachments, manually exported, or through a file integration.

When files accompany form results, the file names get extra characters to prevent overwriting files with the same names. For example, a job application form would receive many ‘resume.pdf’ files.

Formsite custom file names Notifications settings

Random file names can pose a problem for some form owners, so this new feature lets form owners establish naming conventions in Notifications.

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COVID-19 Example Questions for Screening Forms

With colder weather approaching, organizations need to develop processes for accommodating people indoors. Using online forms for health screening makes for easy collection and tracking for everyone. These COVID-19 example questions and tips meet the needs for most facilities.

Summertime lets facilities open windows for air circulation and outdoor interactions are possible. As the weather forces people inside, organizations need to stay diligent with sanitizing and screening everyone.

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Personalization Methods for Online Forms

Formsite personalization online forms example

Increase online form completion rates by using personalization methods for Formsite forms. Visitors complete forms more often when they see their name, email address, or some other personal information. Formsite provides many opportunities for using individual information when communicating with form visitors.

Using information specific to each form visitor most often appears as the username or email address. For example, many marketing professionals recommend using the recipient’s name in the email message or subject line. This method gives the appearance of personalization and is very effective.

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Better Customer Service with Online Forms

Formsite better customer service example

Use Formsite to stay in touch with customers and make communication part of your brand. The pandemic and economic downturn requires all businesses to adapt to stay alive. Brick and mortar businesses in particular need to find a way to communicate with customers when they can't meet face-to-face. Formsite has features to provide better customer service using online tools.

For storefronts that have seen less foot traffic to service providers with fewer referrals, we can help. The answer doesn’t need tons of time and money developing a website or learning how to write code. The solution that customers want is consistent and reliable communication.

Anyone who has needed a service and used email or phone messages to ask for information can tell you that getting a call back is 90% of the task. Whether it’s home services like contractors or outside services like printing, getting the first reply is always the hardest part.

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Copy Forms, Form Styles & Groups of Items

Formsite’s branding and style tools let form designers create online forms with custom styles. Once establishing a style, form owners can use that style to stay consistent with brand standards. A common way to stay consistent is to copy forms then edit the copied form to add new items. Other helpful features include copying a form’s style and copying groups of items from one form to another.

Formsite copy forms
Formsite copy forms my forms

How to Copy Forms

Formsite has two ways to create a new form as an exact copy of an existing form. The easiest way is to click the copy link on the form in the My Forms list. That opens a dialog box to choose the destination from either the current account or another Formsite account.

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