Data Privacy and GDPR, CCPA, Privacy Shield & more

Formsite data privacy

We receive many questions from customers and form visitors about data privacy and protection. Some ask if the data collected is secure, and others ask about programs for residents of certain areas.

For example, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and covers residents of the European Union (EU). CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act for customers residing in California. Privacy Shield provides protection for data between EU and Switzerland and USA.

Formsite’s data privacy policy makes it easy to follow these programs. See how Formsite protects customer information and all collected data.

Data Privacy Rules

Each group of regulations has similar rules and requirements for what data processors can and can’t do with the data. For example, they all require that individuals opt-in to allow selling their personal information.

Formsite has established privacy rules that protect customer and visitor data at all times. From the beginning our customers have entrusted us with protecting their personal and form data. This protection includes always-secure connections for all account and form interactions for everyone.

We protect all form connections with our SSL, which provides the ‘https’ protection. The ‘s’ at the end of ‘https’ stands for ‘secure’ and means an encrypted connection. For several years Google has given preference for secure sites, and recently has started flagging non-secure sites as dangerous.

Formsite only uses secure connections at all times to protect all data passed through the browser. This includes files uploaded through forms and to the account, also. All files remain encrypted between customer browsers and our servers, and at-rest in the database for extra protection.

Formsite Customers

Formsite data privacy security settings

Account owners sign up with their email address and other personal information when upgrading to a paid service. All information remains in our secure database and never sold or transferred for other marketing purposes.

Formsite makes security for form owners easy. The Form Settings -> Security page lets form owners control some basic security settings. These include reCAPTCHA settings and requiring login to access attached files, among others.

Form Visitors

Sometimes customers ask about their ownership of the data collected by their forms. Formsite collects the data and stores it securely, but the data belongs to the account owner. We do not keep the form data for any use other than what’s requested by the customer.

The form visitors complete the form and their information stores securely for the use by the form owner. We do not use, sell, or otherwise process form visitor data outside of normal support, upon customer requests, or where legally required.

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