Integrate with Social Media Sites with Online Forms

Formsite’s integrations allow form builders to pass form data to other online services. The built-in integrations enable primary needs like collecting payments, and Zapier connects thousands more. Using Zapier, form owners can set Formsite forms to integrate with social media sites.

Formsite social media Zapier


  • Let form visitors check a box to send a post to your social media account, possibly in exchange for a discount. “I just bought one” or “Join me on this mailing list!”
  • Build the form for department managers and add items to select social accounts, add hashtags, content and photos. Let managers post job openings, product announcements, and more without giving access to the social accounts.
  • Send customer profile names to the organization’s account to follow and like to increase engagement.
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Integrate Zendesk Customer Service with Online Forms

Formsite Zendesk customer support

Using Formsite’s online forms with other online services is easy with our Integrations search page. Browsing the integrations lets form owners read about and choose one or more services to continue after submitting the form. A popular example is Zendesk for creating a complete customer service process.

Zendesk gives organizations the ability to provide information and real-time support to customers. Their service provides knowledge base and FAQ features, issue ticketing, and chat features.

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Integrate Microsoft Office 365 with Online Forms

Formsite Office 365

Formsite’s integrations search allows for browsing our native integrations and those provided by Zapier. Using one of Zapier’s 2,000+ services with Formsite lets form owners collect form results to start their custom process. One of the most popular tools available is Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of communication and document applications.

Microsoft Office 365 allows Zapier users to create contacts, trigger emails, and create new calendar events. Our Zapier integration connects Formsite with Office 365 to trigger actions after each new submission.

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Data Privacy and GDPR, CCPA, Privacy Shield & more

Formsite data privacy

We receive many questions from customers and form visitors about data privacy and protection. Some ask if the data collected is secure, and others ask about programs for residents of certain areas.

For example, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and covers residents of the European Union (EU). CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act for customers residing in California. Privacy Shield provides protection for data between EU and Switzerland and USA.

Formsite’s data privacy policy makes it easy to follow these programs. See how Formsite protects customer information and all collected data.

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Integrate Basecamp with Online Forms

Formsite’s integration with Zapier gives form owners ways to send form data to thousands of other services. Our integrations search area allows for searching by service name or type, then quickly enabling the integration. An example is Basecamp, awesome online project management software for keeping teams on the same page.

Formsite Basecamp integration

Basecamp lets teams view schedules, to-do lists, chats, contribute files, and so much more. See statuses and daily schedules, configure notifications, and set up recurring reminders. With Formsite, the productivity opportunities have never been greater.

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Integrate Online Forms with HubSpot

Formsite connects with thousands of online services to make custom integrations. Using Zapier with Formsite lets form owners collect data then pass the data to continue the workflow. One of the most powerful tools available is HubSpot, software for online sales, marketing, and customer service.

HubSpot is a place to track online sales and marketing efforts to help grow your business. Their CRM system helps to control leads and contacts, too. Their customizable dashboard and report system is an awesome tool to use with Formsite forms.

Formsite HubSpot contact updated

Building the system with Zapier to connect Formsite with HubSpot is a snap.

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Integrate Formsite forms with Airtable

Formsite Airtable example form

Formsite’s new integrations area allows for browsing 2,000+ possible destination services. Using Zapier with Formsite lets form owners collect data to start their custom process. One of the most powerful tools available is Airtable, a database system for keeping track of anything.

Airtable is an online service that is like a spreadsheet and like a database, but also much different. When you first start with a new Airtable account, the templates seem to be familiar with columns and rows. The deeper you get, the more you see how to connect records to each other beyond normal spreadsheets.

Our Zapier integration connects Formsite with Airtable to create an awesome workflow process. Let's see how it works.

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New Feature: Search Formsite’s 2,000+ Integrations

Formsite integrations search

Formsite’s integrations let form owners create custom connections with other online services. As the form collects data, the integrations use the data to perform other actions. Use the new integrations search tool to find new services to use with Formsite forms.

The integrations search tool lets visitors view how other online services can connect with Formsite’s online forms. As a result, our built-in integrations plus Zapier’s most popular Zaps offer connections to over 2,000 services.

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Show Real-time Charts with Results Reports

Surveys and quizzes can sometimes benefit from showing the form visitor how others answered. For example, consider a survey or voting form with a few options. The survey owner may want to display each option’s status after each result as a pie chart or bar graph. Formsite’s Results Reports let form owners show charts in real-time.

Formsite real-time charts vote results

Quiz results can also display immediately to show how the quiz-taker performed. For instance, the Results Reports can show each question as a chart showing the results for each answer. Another option uses Scoring to calculate the overall score and a percentage to assign a grade.

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