New Design for Formsite! See the Changes and Updates Here.

Formsite new design example

Formsite has published an update to the logged-in pages for all customers. The new design includes styles for improving the user experience and modernizing the tools. Over time, all tools can benefit from updates to use new technology and styles for more intuitive and efficient use.

The fundamental changes include:

  • Style updates for fonts, colors, and icons
  • Interactive responses like animations, button actions, and mouse hovers
  • Sizing and spacing for better use on all screen sizes
  • Account messages are easier to identify and read

What has not changed:

  • No features or formats have been removed
  • All previous settings remain the same
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Integration Tools for Adding Forms to Your Website

Formsite integration tools example

Adding forms to a new or existing website lets visitors interact with the site owner. These interactions include contact forms, order forms, registration forms, and lots more. Formsite provides integration tools to add forms to websites and other online services for the best user experience.

Displaying forms as part of the site is important for many form owners. Links that open new windows or link away to another site causes anxiety for some users. It also increases the chance that the user won’t return.

The Formsite tools for integrating forms with websites include:

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Healthcare Templates for Collecting Personal Health Information

Formsite healthcare templates example

With the current state of personal separation, collecting health information is especially tricky. The potential for encountering the COVID-19 virus and other bugs is higher around hospitals and clinics, after all. The opportunities for automation and smart forms can help make registration and health history forms easy. See Formsite’s Healthcare templates for easier ways to collect personal health information (PHI).

Some example healthcare templates include:

Many health and medicine organizations use healthcare forms, including hospitals and clinics. Dental, fitness, chiropractors, wellness coaches, and even veterinarians use versions of healthcare forms.

Formsite healthcare template health history

Features of Healthcare Forms

Healthcare and medical forms have many opportunities for enhancement. For example, the patient’s contact information frequently needs repeating on every form. Using Pipe codes to copy values from previous answers eliminates the duplication and potential errors. The Pre-populate link can auto-fill later forms, too.

Another example is follow-up questions. Many times there are questions dependent on answers to previous questions, and Rules will hide the unnecessary ones. Setting a rule to show the item will only display that item when the conditions are met. Hiding follow-up questions until they’re needed helps to keep forms shorter and easy to complete.

Using existing documents like PDF files or Word docx templates is easy, too. Upload the blank version of the document and connect the form items, then automate the document’s generation. Each result can send the document to one or more email addresses and send a copy to a third-party file storage service.

Protecting Information with HIPAA

Some organizations may have a need for protecting patient information with HIPAA compliance. Formsite has a HIPAA-protected service available for Enterprise service levels at no extra charge. The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) covers the HIPAA requirements for both Formsite and the customer. The HIPAA service details and the BAA are at

Using Healthcare Templates

  • Find the template pages in the Templates area at Browse the templates there then click the button to Get This Form.
  • Another way is to log in to a Formsite account, click the Create New Form button, then review the Healthcare templates. Choose the template to start with and click the button to create a copy in the account.
  • Using the form editor, add, delete, and edit the form items to customize the form. See the Getting Started video to see how the form editor works.
  • When the form is complete, find its link on the form’s Share page or use the embed code to display on another site.
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Customer Service Forms for Staying Connected

Formsite customer service forms example

Many organizations have recently needed to discover new online ways to do things. Ecommerce isn’t new for most of us, but some interactions have needed to join the virtual world fast. Everything from schooling to grocery shopping to regular Monday meetings now rely on online tools. Using Formsite for customer service forms keeps organizations connected to users in real time.

Examples of customer service forms include:

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Remote Team Features & Collaboration Tools

Formsite features for remote team collaboration have been part of the system for a long time. Global organizations who need to stay connected use our built-in reporting and Workflow features in real time. Alternatively, individual form owners may need data on multiple devices. Regardless of the number of contributors, Formsite forms have built-in features to make remote teams easier.

Formsite remote team workflow link

The most popular remote collaboration features include:

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COVID-19, Formsite and Our Community


As the pandemic COVID-19 continues to impact everyone, Formsite has made a few operational changes to support the global community. These changes help to protect our employees and vendors while maintaining the high level of support we’re proud of.

Operational Changes

For our customers, we do not expect any degradation of service as a result of the pandemic. Our organization has prepared for remote operations and our team has responded to the general request for social distancing. All development and support staff recently relocated to safe home-based work for the safety of them and their community. Our global teams have also mostly transitioned to home-based work for the safety of everyone.

We expect to continue development as normal and at the same pace we have maintained in the past. Our design and development staff continues their work uninterrupted and are nearing completion of major updates for the near future.

Customer Support

Support personnel continue to provide technical and strategic help with no change in response times or quality. Our entire support staff is located in central USA around the Chicagoland area and has professional technical backgrounds. We provide very fast answers during business hours (U.S. Central time), typically within one or two hours. Non-business hours, weekends, and holidays are supported by the same staff, albeit at slightly longer intervals.


Formsite uses the cloud-based processing advantages of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), so we expect no real impact for all customers. We developed our monitoring and administration abilities with remote access from the beginning and continue business as usual.

COVID-19 Information

We wish you, your colleagues, and your families enduring health, productivity, and security in the months ahead.

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Anonymous Surveys: How to Create Surveys with No Tracking

Formsite anonymous surveys example

Many times organizations want to collect responses while keeping the visitors anonymous. These can be forms or surveys to collect suggestions or complaints while not exposing the visitors’ information. Anonymous surveys are easy at Formsite.

Some pros and cons of anonymous surveys include:

  • More people may complete the survey if they know they’re anonymous
  • No chance of exposing personal information from results
  • Not able to gather demographic or other related information from results
  • Possible ‘box stuffing’ due to reduced ability to prevent multiple submissions
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Form Templates for Conferences: Before, During & After

Formsite form templates conference

Online forms keep conferences working for organizers, vendors, sponsors, and attendees. From registration forms to follow-up surveys, get started fast with our form templates for conferences.

Trade shows, home shows, annual conferences, job fairs—every kind of event needs forms. Using forms for data collection makes for easy registrations, operations, marketing, and follow-up.

Some examples of form templates for conferences include:

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Google Sheets Tips for Working With Online Forms

Formsite Google Sheets tips copy sheet

Formsite’s integrations let form owners create automated systems for processing form data. Some integrations work with uploaded files and others work with results answers, and some do both. The Google Sheets integration keeps a copy of the form results in a Google spreadsheet, which offers many possibilities.

Some of our best Google Sheets tips include:

  • How to use Google Sheets with Formsite
  • Functions and filters for results data
  • Automated charts and graphs
  • Columns to rows for multiple entries in a single result

Send Form Results to Google Sheets

Here’s how to set up the Google Sheets integration:

  1. Start by building the form
  2. Go to the form’s Form Settings -> Integrations page and click the Google Sheets icon
  3. Click the button to Get Authorization and complete the authentication steps
  4. Use the form name as the spreadsheet name or enter a custom name
  5. Select any Results Filters, Results Views, or Results Labels to customize the spreadsheet
  6. Click Save
  7. Test
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