Online Store Templates for Easy E-commerce

Formsite online store templates

Formsite has templates for all kinds of business needs, including online store templates. Choose Formsite templates for making a new online store or adding online ordering to an existing store. Examples of templates available include:

Any kind of product or service can display as custom images or in a list of related items. Form owners can add options for customization and follow-up questions. Conditional logic shows extra selections or redirects to other pages.

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Create an Excel Integration for Online Forms

Formsite Excel integration

Formsite’s Google Sheets integration is a popular and useful tool for many customers. Some customers use Microsoft products, however, and use Zapier as a solution. Using Zapier, they connect their online forms for a custom Microsoft Excel integration.

As with Google Sheets, the Excel integration updates a specified spreadsheet with new results. Some useful ideas include:

  • Use as a data backup
  • Share results with colleagues
  • Create custom analytics charts and graphs
  • Make custom reports with statistics and equations
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2 Ways to Make a Custom Dashboard for Online Forms

Formsite online form dashboard

Dashboards are graphical displays of data from a database or Results Table. An example is a modern bank account website that shows the total amounts in all connected accounts. A dashboard for an online form displays metrics like order or scoring totals, completion duration, and more.

Formsite’s integrations page shows over a dozen choices for dashboard services. The specific services offered by each application vary, but they all provide a graphical view of the results data. Here are 2 ways to use a dashboard application to display form data.

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Add Google Calendar Events with Formsite

Formsite Google Calendar

Formsite’s Google Calendar integration now lets form owners add events and attendees to calendars. Set up the integration to connect to a Google account and create an event or add an attendee. Set standard event lengths or include end times in the form, or set all-day events.

Connect Calendar items to the integration to let form visitors choose their date, then either set an all-day event or collect a specific time. See how to set it up.

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Integrate Online Forms with Constant Contact

Formsite Constant Contact integration

Online form owners use Formsite’s integrations to use form data with other online services. For example, our new Constant Contact integration lets form owners send results data to one or more lists after each submission. Constant Contact provides communication services that work great with Formsite.

Constant Contact lets organizations create campaigns to send email, post to social media accounts, and more. Email campaigns allow companies to stay in touch with subscribers and customers through their inbox. Using Formsite’s integration, form owners can add email addresses and other form data to lists.

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Send SMS Notifications with Online Forms

Formsite SMS from online form

Formsite’s Notifications let form owners send email after every new form submission. Many customers use email to also send text messages using email to SMS services. Most major mobile phone service providers have ways to send email to SMS using the phone number.

This method requires knowing the phone number and service provider, however. Form owners looking to keep forms short may not want to ask for more information than necessary.

Formsite lets form owners use Zapier to send to many SMS services like Twilio and ClickSend SMS. Send to customers and staff members for instant confirmations and alerts for new results.

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Create Zoom Meetings & Add Participants with Online Forms

Formsite Zoom meetings

Zoom meetings have become commonplace over the last year as we all find different ways to communicate remotely. Suitable for all people and topics, the ‘zoom meeting’ is quickly becoming the new way to meet. Work meetings, family get-togethers, and classes use video conferencing to reduce physical contact.

Lots of other services exist for virtual meetings, and Zoom’s simple setup and reliability made it the go-to video service. Formsite and Zapier lets form owners create Zoom meetings and add participants with every form submission. Use online forms to schedule Zoom meetings with these easy steps.

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Integrate Scheduling & Booking Apps with Online Forms

Formsite scheduling forms

Use Formsite to create online scheduling forms and keep everyone up to date. Give visitors a way to schedule appointments and meetings without duplicate times or overbooking. Send emails for easy communication and integrate with other services for even more functionality.

Formsite’s Integrations search area lets form owners connect to thousands of other services. Connecting to a scheduling app like Appointy or Acuity Scheduling lets admins build awesome workflows. Use Formsite’s Zapier integration to send form results to scheduling and booking apps.

Scheduling Features

  • Create Customers: Add form visitors as a new customer
  • Add Appointment: Block out the appointment time in the schedule
  • Create Order, Project, or Asset: Use to allow teams to create projects

A common scheduling feature includes notifying one or more parties after appointment updates. The message can also send attachments or links to documents to enhance the process.

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Integrate with Social Media Sites with Online Forms

Formsite’s integrations allow form builders to pass form data to other online services. The built-in integrations enable primary needs like collecting payments, and Zapier connects thousands more. Using Zapier, form owners can set Formsite forms to integrate with social media sites.

Formsite social media Zapier


  • Let form visitors check a box to send a post to your social media account, possibly in exchange for a discount. “I just bought one” or “Join me on this mailing list!”
  • Build the form for department managers and add items to select social accounts, add hashtags, content and photos. Let managers post job openings, product announcements, and more without giving access to the social accounts.
  • Send customer profile names to the organization’s account to follow and like to increase engagement.
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