Copy an Integration Authorization from Another Form

Formsite copy an integration authorization

Form owners use Formsite’s integrations to send form answers to other services. Examples include collecting payments, sending Results Docs to cloud storage accounts, and sending to one of Zapier’s thousands of services. Many integrations need authorization with the other service, which can present problems. A new feature for Formsite integrations is the ability to copy an Integration authorization from another form.

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Integration Error: What to do with Failed Results

Formsite integration error fix

Formsite form owners have the ability to enable Integrations with other services. Integrations connect forms with accounts at other sites to pass the form answers after they’re submitted. If an integration error occurs then we mark the result in the Results Table and alert the form owner. What happens next? How do you fix it?

If you’re new to Formsite and aren’t familiar with Integrations, they’re ready-made connections with other services. These connections let you pass the answers in the form submissions to the other service to continue the process. For example, if the form contains a File Upload item then connecting to Google Drive lets Formsite send a copy of the uploaded file to your account there.

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Add to Calendar Links for Scheduled Events

Formsite add to calendar links example

Formsite forms that schedule events are a popular choice for many form owners. Appointments, shows, reservations, etc. all need to have a way to confirm the visitor’s choices. The most common way is to send a Notification email with their choices, but another option is to provide add to calendar links to add the event.

Our Google Calendar integration provides a useful and automated way to do that. It allows for creating new events or adding to existing ones, plus many other options. Sometimes, however, form owners want to offer links for other calendars like Apple, Outlook, and Office365.

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Working With the Formsite API & Sample Code

Formsite API examples

The Formsite API lets form owners access the form items, Results Table, and individual results for custom and powerful workflows. For users who don’t regularly work with APIs, finding resources with relevant examples can make the challenge easier.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is one way for software to pass data to other software. APIs provide a secure way for applications to work with each other and deliver information requested without user intervention.

Formsite’s API allows form owners read-only access to their account data for forms and results. Some example uses include:

  • Custom dashboard showing result answers for one or more forms
  • Report automation for creating charts and tables containing form results
  • Generating documents with result data
  • Automated data backups for archival purposes
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Style Page Updates and Tips For Styling Online Forms

Formsite Style page example

Formsite’s online form builder lets form owners create online forms and style virtually every component. The form’s Style page contains built-in themes, customization options, and advanced access to the CSS code. The Style -> Customization area now contains a new search field allowing for a faster way to locate the settings you need.

The most common parts that affect how a form looks are:

  • Font family, size, and color
  • Background colors and/or images
  • Border sizes, rounding, and color
  • Spacing between items (margin and padding)
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Results Report Documents for Printing or Saving as PDF

Formsite report documents example

Generating reports showing the answers to online forms is a popular request. Many organizations have a need for sharing data with others in a portable format. Our normal export format as an Excel file works the majority of the time. Showing the data itself isn’t as easy to comprehend as a chart, and sometimes only specific answers are preferred instead of the entire contents. Regardless of the reason, sometimes report documents are needed.

Options for creating documents from results depend on the format and scope of the results. For example, should the report show results within a time frame or every result? Should the results appear as a chart or as text? Use this article as a reference for creating your report documents.

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Find and Track Net Promoter Score with Formsite

Formsite NPS Net Promoter Score survey

Net Promoter Score® (or NPS®) shows how customers view a company or service. The NPS survey collects customer scores and helps to evaluate customer satisfaction. Companies all over the world use the Net Promoter Score to gauge their success with serving customers.

Conducting a Net Promoter Score survey needs three parts:

  1. The survey collects customer feedback for the parts you want to evaluate.
  2. Scores get categorized into one of three categories.
  3. Each category gets calculated to show the current score.

After the calculation, the end result is a number representing the current Net Promoter Score.

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Using QR Codes with Online Forms

Formsite QR Codes

QR codes serve as printable bookmarks to web pages, among other things. With the no-contact pandemic culture, places like restaurants use QR codes for fast access to menus, payments, and more. These codes have lots of potential for form owners for lead generation and easy user experience enhancements.

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