Church Membership & Community Form Templates

Formsite church membership templates

Formsite’s online form templates give local businesses fast solutions for online forms. Perfect for organizations run by members with varying experience levels like churches and clubs. Our church membership templates make it easy to collect and use member information.

Community organizations, clubs and volunteer projects often need ways to manage member information. While not unique to churches, a church membership form contains example information many organizations collect like:

  • Contact information
  • Family details
  • Interests & abilities
  • Event history
  • Donations
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Feedback Forms for Students, Teachers, and Online Classes

Formsite feedback forms for online classes

Formsite online form templates provide examples for effective and easy feedback forms. As more educational programs have moved to online learning, online forms for education are in high demand.

Evaluation forms for classes have different questions than those targeting teachers and students. Typical feedback forms for classes include questions about:

  • Class content
  • Frequency of exams
  • Topic usefulness
  • Materials
  • Class size
  • Time and location

Considering online classes specifically, those questions could also include:

  • Platform navigation
  • Connection reliability
  • Clarity of requirements
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Create Custom Integrations with Fitness Apps

Formsite fitness apps

Formsite’s integrations let form owners send new submissions to other online services. Organizations in the fitness industry can use Formsite forms to create custom fitness apps with online forms. Use online forms for tracking progress, running contests, or completing scheduled levels.

Examples include:

  • Personal training
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Physical fitness contests
  • Virtual competitions
  • Martial arts levels
  • Coaching

Use Formsite to collect individual contact information and record progress updates. Then send the updates to one of the connected fitness services using Formsite’s integrations. Use the built-in Notifications to send emails or text messages for even more personalized options.

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Receive Instant Notifications with Facebook Messenger

Formsite Facebook Messenger

Connect a Formsite form with Facebook Messenger and receive instant notifications for new results. Useful examples include contact forms, order forms, or support request forms. This Zapier integration triggers after receiving new form results and sends an instant message to one or more recipients.

Use with Results Filters and Zap settings for custom messages that send under specific conditions. For example, add a question about the urgency of the request and a Results Filter sends an appropriate message.

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Signup Form Templates for Easy Online Registrations

Formsite’s templates cover a wide range of online form needs like registration and signup forms. These templates let form visitors add their information to the list as an attendee, volunteer, or other interested party. The signup form templates give form owners examples of form questions and designs to get started fast.

Registration forms and signup forms share many similarities like collecting essential contact information. A signup form usually appears as a less-formal way to join or otherwise show interest in a group or event. Registration forms are more formal and often collect proof of identity or ownership, as with registering a vehicle.

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CRM Integrations for Online Forms

Formsite CRM integrations

Connect online forms to thousands of other services using Formsite’s Zapier integration. One type of service with many options is the category for Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short.

CRM services organize customer records for use with sales and marketing primarily. Examples include tracking lead generation campaigns or keeping in touch using an email drip campaign. CRM systems can also track customer orders and serve as a relationship history, too.

Features of CRM Systems

  • Create or Update Contact
  • Add Company
  • Create Task or Ticket
  • Add to Campaign
  • Enter Score, Tag, or Note

Form owners can send form results to a connected system after receiving the result. Formsite has a built-in integration with Salesforce, one of the most popular CRM services available.

The Zapier integration lets form owners connect to other systems and specify what data to use to create contacts, companies, or campaigns.

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Template Additions: Application Forms, Order Forms & More

Formsite template additions

Formsite’s template area offers form owners fast and easy browsing for online form templates. Search using keywords for templates or browse by industry and type, or choose one that suits your style. Our newest template additions offer form owners an even wider range of choices.

Use the form builder to customize the template to include images or your custom brand style. Combine templates or copy item blocks from other forms for the perfect online form for your needs.

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