See Sub-user Access for each Form

Formsite Sub-user access sample

Formsite developers have recently added several enhancements to make working with Sub-users easier. Creating Sub-users, assigning permissions, and managing access becomes difficult with more forms. The most recent enhancement is the ability to see Sub-user access for each form in the My Forms list.

Creating and maintaining Sub-users occurs through the User menu -> Sub-users page. An earlier upgrade added the way to invite Sub-users, creating the email record and verifying the accurate email address.

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Form Stats, Enabled Integrations, File Space and More

Formsite form stats example

Formsite forms give form builders ways to customize the functionality to suit their needs. Functions like sending results to Google or Microsoft OneDrive, collecting payments, and receiving uploaded files. Over time, managing what forms connect to which services becomes more important and harder to remember. The My Forms list shows form stats and makes sorting the list of forms much easier.

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Premade Form Templates and Building Online Forms

Formsite premade form templates example

Formsite online form builder gives form owners a fast and secure way to collect responses from visitors. From signup forms and order forms to complex inventory and tax forms, Formsite’s tools make it easy. Starting with a premade form, owners can customize the fields and appearance to suit their needs.

The Create New Form pages allow form owners to browse the most popular categories and review the premade form templates. These templates show example forms with sample questions and choices for quickly making new forms.

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