COVID-19 Example Questions for Screening Forms

With colder weather approaching, organizations need to develop processes for accommodating people indoors. Using online forms for health screening makes for easy collection and tracking for everyone. These COVID-19 example questions and tips meet the needs for most facilities.

Summertime lets facilities open windows for air circulation and outdoor interactions are possible. As the weather forces people inside, organizations need to stay diligent with sanitizing and screening everyone.

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Personalization Methods for Online Forms

Formsite personalization online forms example

Increase online form completion rates by using personalization methods for Formsite forms. Visitors complete forms more often when they see their name, email address, or some other personal information. Formsite provides many opportunities for using individual information when communicating with form visitors.

Using information specific to each form visitor most often appears as the username or email address. For example, many marketing professionals recommend using the recipient’s name in the email message or subject line. This method gives the appearance of personalization and is very effective.

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Better Customer Service with Online Forms

Formsite better customer service example

Use Formsite to stay in touch with customers and make communication part of your brand. The pandemic and economic downturn requires all businesses to adapt to stay alive. Brick and mortar businesses in particular need to find a way to communicate with customers when they can't meet face-to-face. Formsite has features to provide better customer service using online tools.

For storefronts that have seen less foot traffic to service providers with fewer referrals, we can help. The answer doesn’t need tons of time and money developing a website or learning how to write code. The solution that customers want is consistent and reliable communication.

Anyone who has needed a service and used email or phone messages to ask for information can tell you that getting a call back is 90% of the task. Whether it’s home services like contractors or outside services like printing, getting the first reply is always the hardest part.

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Copy Forms, Form Styles & Groups of Items

Formsite’s branding and style tools let form designers create online forms with custom styles. Once establishing a style, form owners can use that style to stay consistent with brand standards. A common way to stay consistent is to copy forms then edit the copied form to add new items. Other helpful features include copying a form’s style and copying groups of items from one form to another.

Formsite copy forms
Formsite copy forms my forms

How to Copy Forms

Formsite has two ways to create a new form as an exact copy of an existing form. The easiest way is to click the copy link on the form in the My Forms list. That opens a dialog box to choose the destination from either the current account or another Formsite account.

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Resources for Online Events & Innovating for the Future

Formsite online events

COVID-19 and the global pandemic is causing many events to cancel their schedules. Industries that rely on public attendance are looking for new ways to reach the public and Formsite has tools to help. Find resources for online events and other virtual gatherings here.

Events have a special need for targeted advertising, landing pages, and instant Notifications. Using tools like Inventory and Workflow can help to keep track of event details, too.

Tools for Online Events

Formsite online events Zapier

Many event organizers and locations are finding success with virtual shows. To collect attendee registrations, vendor information, ticket sales, etc., online forms are indispensable. Formsite’s features for events include:

  • Always secure data collection
  • Notification emails
  • Email routing items
  • Integrated payment collection
  • Zapier integrations for 2,000+ services
  • Results Docs
  • Analytics & Reporting

Organizations and event managers making the move online use Formsite forms for fast setup and management. Formsite has solutions and templates for all event needs. Starting with registration forms for vendors, attendees, and sponsors, through follow-up post-event forms.

Using online forms with landing pages lets event advertisers collect analytics data to track site visitors. Combined with conditional logic, forms can send Notifications for significant events to key personnel. Results Reports show a real-time view of form results for instant analysis.

Support for the Future

As more organizations and events get online, more technology emerges to support new ways to do business. Recent innovations include smart mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, and real-time interactions. Future features could include location triggers, connected shows, and personalized demos.

Formsite supports developers through features like Server Post, Zapier, and Custom Code items. Our forms use standard HTML elements for universal compatibility and allows developers to add custom code if desired. Some examples include collecting video and automating Google Calendar links for scheduling.

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Grow Your Business Despite COVID-19 with Online Forms

Formsite business closing options

For businesses affected by Covid-19 and facing the decision to close, consider how online forms can help. Many businesses can make a temporary change to online service or change operations altogether. One of the best ways to grow your business despite Covid-19 may be to shift focus to online tools.

Consider where you find your best customers and what products or services you provide. Then broaden your scope to see how you can continue fulfilling their needs.

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Remote Learning Forms and Online Tools for Educators

Formsite remote learning forms

The upcoming school year brings many changes for students, parents, and educators. Formsite helps schools and educators stay connected to students and parents with smart online forms. Remote learning and other education forms rely on Formsite for secure and dependable operation.

Many school districts expect to reduce class size and have students attend on alternate days to reduce risk of exposure. Staying in touch with parents and students is the biggest challenge, and online forms help to keep the conversation going.

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Covid-19 Health Screening & Daily Check-in Forms

The Covid-19 pandemic created the need for a new type of form: The Daily Health Screening. As organizations resume operations, some ask employees to perform a daily self-assessment. Formsite has helped many such organizations develop their check-in and screening forms.

Formsite Health Screening

Examples of industries using daily health screenings include:

  • Food service: Kitchen staff, servers, anyone who touches food or equipment.
  • Public service: Retail, customer service, shipping and receiving.
  • Education: Teachers and other essential facility personnel.
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Amazon S3 Integration for Form Results & Attached Files

Formsite Amazon S3 integration

Formsite has added Amazon S3 as a new file integration service. This integration lets form owners send results documents or attached files to a connected Amazon S3 bucket. As with the other cloud file storage services, Amazon’s S3 service provides a secure online space for file storage.

Adding uploaded files and results data to an S3 bucket lets form owners create processes using the cloud features of Amazon AWS like:

  • Versioning
  • Advanced permissions
  • Scalable file storage
  • Meta information
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