Brand assets

Formsite branding guidelines

For public references to Formsite by members, partners, or media, please use these files and guidelines for correctly displaying the Formsite name and logo.

I. Our Trademark
Formsite is a registered trademark of Vroman Systems, Inc. and its United States and global affiliates.

II. Our Name
Formsite is always one word with only the first letter capitalized. When referring to our services, the Formsite name is to be written as one word.


status-complete Formsite

status-failed FormSite.

status-failed Form Site

status-failed formsite

III. Our Logo

  1. Use the color logo wherever possible.
  2. Only show the small logo in color.
  3. Do not alter these files, please.



These logos may be downloaded for use in public reporting of Formsite news or articles. Please do not alter, recolor, combine with other graphic elements, or use in a manner that may mislead the viewer. Your use of our logo acknowledges agreement with these guidelines.

If you have any questions or specific requirements regarding our logo or any branding items, please contact our support staff at

IV. Screenshots
Screenshots of our external site (the homepage, features pages, landing pages, etc.) can be used wherever needed. Modifying the site through digital editing, overlaying graphics and/or ads, or otherwise changing the look of the screenshot is not allowed.

Internal site screenshots are allowed on pages where form result data is not visible. Result data appears on pages such as the Results Table, individual result viewing, and Reports, and may only be publicly shown if (i) the screenshot includes your personal data; (ii) all personal data is obscured to become unreadable; or (iii) you have written permission from all identified users agreeing to the display and use of their information.

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