Formsite vs. Wufoo

There are a lot of good form builder tools out there and it’s important to choose the one that is best for your needs. Be sure to compare features when shopping for a new online form builder.

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Formsite vs Wufoo

Why do customers choose Formsite over Wufoo?

Since 1998, Formsite has worked with customers to understand their needs.

  • Total transparency: No hidden costs or transaction fees.
  • All data is encrypted at all times, including attached files. Wufoo only encrypts at higher service levels.
  • Formsite lets you downgrade to Free without losing data. Wufoo does not.
  • Wufoo limits long answer fields to 10. Formsite has no limit on item types.
  • Formsite allows for adding custom code if you want. Add tracking code, embed videos, add custom styles, there's virtually no limit!

Formsite vs. Wufoo Feature Comparison

For even basic features there's just no comparison!

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