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Who are Enterprise Customers?

Enterprise customers have special needs beyond our standard plans and will typically require a completely custom setup. In general, enterprise customers have more than 1,000 forms and/or accounts, and will place a high value on an outsourced, managed platform to collect data and engage customers.

Additional services available include allocating dedicated servers, creating custom limits to accommodate campaign specifics, and white label services. By partnering with Formsite, enterprise customers can avoid the design and programming overhead and focus on their core business.

View examples below of enterprise customers and request a quote today.

Market Research Company Profile

  • Conduct Worldwide Market Analysis
  • Designs & Conducts Consumer Surveys for Global Retail Leaders
  • Formsite Provides Dedicated Hardware & Custom Reporting

Since 2000, this customer has used Formsite to conduct large scale, highly scientific consumer surveys for some of the largest retailers and retail support organizations in the world. They work with global retail giants to conduct consumer testing of advertising and marketing campaigns and use the results to analyze and forecast seasonal economic trends.

Our Role

Formsite provides the solution for continuous high-volume traffic, flexible data collection, and highly specific reporting. This customer is equipped with dedicated hardware optimized to handle large numbers in a short period of time and wildly varying spikes in volume.

Global Shipping Organization Profile

  • Provides Global Shipping & Supply Chain Logistics
  • Publicly Traded, $8.2 billion USD in over 70 countries
  • Uses Formsite for Multilingual Surveys & Internal Logistics Platform

Beginning with a single account to conduct marketing surveys, this customer has grown to implement Formsite services as the tool of choice across the entire organization. They employ over 22,000 people in over 70 countries and use Formsite as an integral part of their process.

Our Role

Formsite created and supports a white label version of our service for this customer, which includes a custom dashboard for full account administration. The personalized version of the Formsite service allows this customer to create forms and surveys in any language, which makes the system more accessible and increases the likelihood of completion. This client elected to join our cloud environment to take advantage of the security and flexibility that cloud computing offers. The cloud option also gives them the ability to add layers of secure processing power from diverse European data centers.


B2B Publisher Profile

  • Publishes B2B Industry Reports & Magazines
  • Online & Offline Voice of Industry Information
  • Custom Branded Lead Gen Forms
  • Instantly Connects Leads with Business Partners

This customer has been creating publications for the retail, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and hospitality industries for over 150 years. As the long-time leader of business information for many industries central to modern life, this customer's priorities begin with brand credibility, customer communication and engagement, and constantly improving its processes.

Our Role

This customer uses Formsite as an online lead generation tool and in many different types of advertising campaigns. Built-in conditional logic directs each lead to the appropriate business unit, shortening response time and improving customer engagement. The white label version of Formsite enables this client to provide a professional, branded, custom portal for analyzing the leads and sharing the leads with appropriate business partners.


National Web Development Company Profile

  • Nationwide Web Design, Hosting & Marketing Services
  • Hundreds of Custom Form Implementations
  • Formsite Form Builder Eliminates Need for Advanced Programming & Enables Focus on Core Services

This client provides online branding, marketing, design, and development services to over 4,000 organizations across the country including corporations, schools, e-commerce, and government organizations. At the forefront of an ever-changing industry, this customer remains competitive by providing excellent service with clear values.

Our Role

Using a white label version of Formsite integrated into their custom Content Management System (CMS), the Formsite API functions provide single sign-on capabilities between the client's CMS and Formsite. In this environment, Formsite forms are used as an instant plug-in form solution for customer web sites, which reduces the need for dedicated programmers, support personnel, and maintaining constantly changing devices.

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