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Form and Survey Solutions for Retail and Shopping
Form and Survey Solutions for Retail and Shopping

Solutions for retail and shopping forms

Whether you run a small, mid-size, or enterprise level retail business, efficiency, productivity, and great customer service are key to your success. Streamline your operations and workflows with Formsite’s Retail and Shopping Form Templates. Fully digital and mobile-friendly, these Formsite form templates can be used in a wide variety of retail and e-commerce capacities, and you don’t have to know any coding or HTML to use them. Use Formsite forms to gauge customer sentiment or to track inventory. Sign customers up for a newsletter, or send out and embed mobile-friendly employment applications. Formsite’s Retail & Shopping Form Templates are all fully customizable. Use our form builder to create exactly what you need, so you can reduce busywork and stay organized. Every form and template is completely secure and can be embedded into any website, including WordPress sites.

Process Online Payments with Ease

Process online payments, including payments made via credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and more, without any stress or hassle, regardless of whether your customers shop on smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Secure connections are built into every Formsite Order Form, so you and your customers are always protected. Easily access reports and send out receipts, as well. Set up automatic notifications so every time a payment is submitted, you or a member of your staff can be notified.

Process Orders Online with Our Customizable Order Form Template

Make it simple for your customers to order your products online. Securely gather credit card and contact information, as well as any other details that you need. Each of Formsite’s Order Form Templates is completely customizable, so when an order comes through, you can immediately start fulfilling it. Embed each form right on your website, so you can sell and collect payment any time of the day, from anywhere on the globe. Enable optional notifications, so every time an order is placed, you or a team member receive an alert. All form data is easily exportable, too, and in a variety of formats including Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF. You can also export data to your CRM.

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Refine the Customer Experience with Survey & Registration Forms

Improve customer retention and increase brand loyalty with these Survey and Registration Forms from Formsite. Solicit feedback. Build your email list. Gain insight into each buyer’s experience, and use that insight to drive positive, revenue-building change across your organization. Formsite’s Survey and Registration Forms can easily become a regular part of your customer support and customer success workflows, enabling greater customer interaction and satisfaction. If you can’t find exactly what you need, tailor a sample template or build one from the ground up with our form builder tool.

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Streamline Small Business Operations with Employee & Inventory Forms

Keep track of all your inventory, maintain a reliable workforce, and smooth internal operations with Formsite’s Employee and Inventory Forms. Our form templates make it easy to stay ahead of employee availability and to get new applicants and their information when you have job openings. Our forms and templates can be customized to suit your specific requirements every time. Easily share forms across email or social media, or embed them right into your website for easy access by your entire team. Stop gathering up and keeping track of paper applications, employee time-off requests, and inventory notices. Formsite’s form templates are all online and can be easily and securely exported for use in other software programs.

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