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Keeping track of inventory, knowing what to reorder, and preventing items from running out of stock are all important for any company or small business that sells physical products. Whether you manage a restaurant, retail store, or office, effective inventory management will help you save time and money.

There are many inventory management templates out there, and many organizations continue to rely on inventory spreadsheets like Excel. These can work well, but they can take time to set up and utilize correctly. The Inventory Form Template from Formsite is a much more useful tool. Very user friendly, it can be used right now for inventory control. It can also be customized for any type of business or for home inventory purposes and estate assessments.

Use Formsite’s Inventory Form Template as-is or customize it for use with your specific business inventory needs. Add specific fields for the serial number, unit price, purchase date, and more. This inventory template form, like all of Formsite’s templates, can be embedded into your website, and since it’s compatible with all mobile devices, it can be accessed from any warehouse location with the internet. Form data can also be exported in a variety of formats, including Excel, MS Word, and PDF. It’s also printable, making it easy to share data in handouts as well.

At Formsite, we make online business forms for companies and organizations that are simple to customize, embed, and use. In addition to the Inventory Form Template offered here, we also have hundreds of prebuilt form templates in a variety of subject areas. Do you have equipment inventory or food inventory you need to track? Businesses in need of these and other inventory management worksheets or tracking templates can use our form builder to create their own customized and simple inventory forms. If you need more functionality, check out our enterprise-level form solutions. In the meantime, find out for yourself how easy it is to create your own customizable inventory tracking form with Formsite. Get started today!

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