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Simplify and streamline your organization’s efforts to follow the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations when communicating with potential and current customers and when users visit your website. This GDPR Compliant Contact Form Template from Formsite makes it easy to get permission to contact subscribers and also helps define what data collection website visitors do and don’t want. GDPR compliance is complicated. By asking users to fill out this form, you can safely steer clear of collecting and storing any personal data users might not want to have collected and stored.

While this sample template does not constitute legal advice, it does provide for everything most businesses and organizations would need to be on the right side of the law in the EU, such as a way to link to your data privacy policy, checkboxes regarding what data can be collected and stored and for how long, an opt-in and opt-out option with explicit consent, data deletion and erasure preferences, and more. Easy to edit, this GDPR consent form can be fully customized to suit your particular needs. Change question types from checkboxes to drop-downs. Add a field specific to ecommerce data processing. The sky is the limit.

This GDPR Compliant Contact Form Template from Formsite allows respondents — not just EU citizens — the right to control their own data, which can improve the customer experience. To get the form template so that it reflects your exact needs, just use the drag and drop editor to the left of the form and add and remove form fields as you see fit. You can embed any Formsite form right into your website, and because all our forms are mobile friendly they can be accessed, completed, and submitted from any WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet. Export submitted form data for use in other software applications, like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word and Excel, and PDF, for easy access to the form’s data.

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GDPR Compliant Contact Form

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