Travel Authorization Form Template

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Administrative & Operations
Administrative & Operations

Make sure that employees have clearance to travel with the travel authorization form template from Formsite. This simple online form helps keep your budget in check by limiting any unnecessary travel expenses. Use the form to outline your company’s travel policy and allow employees to submit new requests to travel.

Use our standard travel authorization form template, modify it to meet your needs, or build your own travel authorization from scratch. Employees can complete the mobile-friendly form from any device. Include fields such as purpose of travel, dept. departure date, return date, projected cost of airfare, whether they are traveling within the United States or doing international travel, car rental requirements, and more. The form helps to streamline the expense process, while making it easier to approve any follow-up travel reimbursement requests when they are submitted.

All Formsite forms can integrate easily into your company website and include optional administrative notifications, so the appropriate team members can be notified as soon as a new travel request comes in.

Travel Authorization Form

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Travel Authorization Templates

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