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HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Form & Survey Solutions
HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Form & Survey Solutions

How Formsite helps Healthcare organizations

Quickly and securely gather patient information through easy to use HIPAA-compliant, online, digital forms and survey templates from Formsite. Proper data collection, storage, and access of patient information are essential to quality patient care in any healthcare setting. Make Formsite’s Healthcare Form and Survey Templates a part of your regular patient intake process and workflow. Use one of our sample templates, and customize it to suit your clinic or hospital. Or start from scratch with our easy to use form builder. Our Healthcare Form & Survey Templates can help you and your team stay organized, while reducing busywork, and gathering vital information. Each Formsite form and survey template is mobile-friendly and can be embedded right into your medical practice’s website.

Streamline New Patient Onboarding with Intake Forms & Registration Forms

Efficiently gather new patient information and medical history, or update current patient information and medical records with Formsite’s Patient Registration Forms. Easily accessible via mobile phone or tablet, patients can complete each form before they even enter your office or medical practice, saving them and your staff valuable time. No more poring over paper forms trying to decipher handwriting. Formsite’s digital forms are easy for anyone to use, and the secure data, including contact information and health information, is instantly accessible by your team. Securely export all submitted patient information for use in spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, or your EMR system.

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Reduce Workflows with Medical Consent Forms & Release Forms

Streamline your process for releasing patients and acquiring their consent for treatment with Formsite’s Medical Consent and Release Forms. Create more space in your hospital, PT clinic, or medical practice and get your patients back to work, school, or sports with online release forms that providers and patients can fill out online and at their convenience. Tailor any form or survey template to meet the needs of your medical office and the clientele you treat. Embed consent and release forms directly into your healthcare practice’s website or share the forms via email. Set up alerts so you or a member of your staff are notified every time someone submits a form.

Gather Critical Patient Information with Assessment Forms & Evaluation Forms

Collect and store vital patient information and evaluate clinician care quality and overall customer service with Assessment and Evaluation Forms from Formsite. Gathering, securely storing, and being able to quickly access patient data is central to providing high-quality care but it is only one piece of the care puzzle. Assessing clinician quality and evaluating whether or not your medical practice is meeting customer expectations is also important. Each of Formsite’s Assessment and Evaluation Forms are fully editable, so you can tailor them to your organization’s unique needs. If you don’t see what you need, create a form from scratch using our form builder. No coding or HTML knowledge is required.

• Creating your own evaluation form is easy. Read our How To Create a Registration Form guide for more information

Securely Store Patient Data with HIPAA Compliant Forms

Store patient data securely with Formsite’s fully HIPAA-compliant forms. From patient medical history and current symptoms to contact and health insurance information, we know every patient detail must be properly safeguarded. Formsite follows industry best practices to keep every bit of data created and submitted on our forms secure. So whether you’re collecting patient demographic information or sending out a form for a prescription refill, you and your patients can rest easy knowing your data is 100% safe.

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