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Form and Survey Solutions for Human Resources
Form and Survey Solutions for Human Resources

How Formsite helps human resources professionals

HR professionals, because they coordinate and/or oversee the hiring, administration, and training of personnel, are often up to their elbows in forms and data. Streamline how you generate, use, and store forms and templates and how you gather, use, and store important employee data with Formsite's HR form templates. Achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity as you improve your workflows around hiring, firing, performance reviews, incident reports, vacation requests, and more. Fully digital and mobile-friendly, our easy to use and edit HR form templates don't require any coding or HTML knowledge. Use Formsite forms for new hires' benefits packages. Gauge employee sentiment with our survey and evaluation forms. Easily follow company policy and keep track of problems with disciplinary action forms. Embed mobile-friendly employment applications right on your website and social media pages. Every form and template is 100% secure and can be easily embedded into any website, including WordPress sites.

Employment Application Form Intake and Processing Has Never Been Easier

Find the right new employees with ease by streamlining your application process. Formsite’s editable employee application forms make it simple to gather the information you need. Our mobile-friendly forms make it possible for new hires and potential employees to fill out emergency contact forms and other employee information forms from the comfort of their own homes or even on the train during their commute. Collect professional and personal references. Gather criminal history information. If you don’t see the form you need, you can build it with our form builder tool. All Formsite form data is easily exportable, too, so you can use it in other applications, including Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Suite, and your CRM.

• Find more information at our How to Create an Application Form guide

Streamline Employee Onboarding Processes and Gather Vital Employee Departure Data

Smooth employee onboarding processes and collect important employee departure data with Formsite’s onboarding and offboarding forms. Getting new employees up to speed is essential to employee and team satisfaction and to overall business success. Build onboarding into your workflow with direct deposit forms, employee benefit enrollment forms, PTO request forms, and more. When an employee is fired, it’s essential to collect all company property and change all passwords. Make sure nothing is forgotten with our Termination Checklist Form. When an employee exits the company of their own accord, be sure to find out what they did and didn’t like during their employment with our Exit Survey Form. Need a form you don’t see? With our form builder tool, you can create any kind of form.

Get Better Insight Into Your Company and Team With Employee Evaluation Forms and Surveys

Retain talent and improve productivity with these survey and evaluation forms from Formsite. Solicit feedback with a customized feedback form or questionnaire. Learn what’s working and what needs to be improved. Gain insight into each worker’s experience and needs with self-evaluation forms and supervisor evaluation forms. Use that insight to drive positive change across your department and organization. Formsite’s survey and evaluation forms help you dig into what can be improved about your company’s culture, the overall work environment, and more.

• Learn more about surveys with our How to Create an Evaluation Form guide

Save Time Tracking and Managing Employee Scheduling and Vacation Requests

Gathering, processing, and tracking employee leave of absence requests can get cumbersome, regardless of whether you work for a small business or a multinational corporation. Streamline how you gather and process time-off requests with Formsite’s scheduling and request form templates. Customize PTO requests and work availability forms. Once employees have submitted them, you can download the data into a format you can use to keep track of scheduling, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Securely Store Employee and Company Data

Securely store sensitive employee data, like social security numbers, salaries, and birthdates. Formsite follows industry best practices to keep every bit of employee and company data created and submitted on our forms secure. With Formsite, when your employees or potential new hires inquire about the measures in place to safeguard their data, you can answer with full confidence. Whether you’re collecting emergency contact information or gathering information from a workplace safety survey or complaint form, your employees can rest easy knowing their data is 100% safe.

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