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Form and Survey Solutions for Marketing and Sales
Form and Survey Solutions for Marketing and Sales

How Formsite helps marketing efforts

Streamline your business’s marketing efforts with Formsite’s marketing form templates. From everyday marketing forms to product surveys, Formsite’s marketing form templates have almost everything contemporary businesses need to market their products and services efficiently and effectively. Fully digital and mobile-friendly, Formsite’s form templates work across verticals and industries, and you don’t have to know any coding or HTML to use them, customize them, or embed them in your website. Use Formsite forms to improve day to day marketing tasks. Sign potential customers and current customers up for a newsletter, or send out a product pricing survey. Each form and template can be tailored to your exact needs with our drag and drop editor. You can also use our form builder tool to create what you need from scratch.

Streamline Marketing Tasks and Workflows

Improve your team’s efficiency with forms and templates that streamline everyday marketing tasks and marketing workflows. Find and hire freelancers, graphic designers, and other marketing professionals. Speed up and keep better track of invoices and receipts. Easily stay connected to customers and potential customers with a monthly newsletter. Each Formsite form template is easy to tailor to the particular needs of your marketing department and company, and because every form can be embedded right into your website, everyone on your team will always be able to locate them.

Plan Marketing Events With Ease with Online Registration Forms

Simplify registration for events and conferences with Formsite’s registration forms. Once your event is over, solicit meaningful feedback from customers and leads with our form evaluations and surveys. Add Formsite’s evaluation surveys into your event workflow to not only discover ways to improve conferences and other live events but as a function of lead nurturing: sending out a participant survey is a natural point of contact. Because all of Formsite’s registration forms are mobile-friendly, event participants can sign up and fill out evaluation forms when it’s convenient to them. Plus, all the data you gather is easy to export for use in spreadsheets, your CRM, or other applications.

▪ Find more information about building registration forms at our How to Create a Registration Form guide

Reduce Friction in Market Research with Survey Templates

You don’t need complicated or costly survey software to conduct intelligent and actionable market research. Formsite’s survey form templates make it easy to gather all the information you need to gain a competitive edge. Our forms and templates can be customized to suit your specific requirements every time, whether you need to conduct product pricing research, product name research, or any other kind of market research. Easily share forms across email or social media to whichever audience you’ve chosen, or embed the mobile-friendly form templates right into your website for easy access. Do you need survey takers to view and respond to video? No problem. Our Video Survey Form has that capability and can be tailored to your specific ends.

Secure Data Collection with GDPR Compliant Forms

If you work at all with partners, clients, customers, or vendors in the EU or UK, you need to make sure you’re GDPR compliant. Because Formsite form templates are so easy to edit, each form can be made GDPR compliant. Once you’ve made GDPR-related changes to your forms, all you need to do is maintain proper records about what data individuals did and did not grant the form owner the right to collect and store. Be sure to also keep the date of each form-related GDPR consent agreement.

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