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Form and Survey Solutions for Marketing and Sales
Form and Survey Solutions for Marketing and Sales

How Formsite helps marketing efforts

Discover the power of Formsite's online forms and marketing solutions to boost your business's marketing efforts. With our user-friendly marketing form templates, you can effortlessly streamline your marketing tasks and campaigns. Whether it's everyday marketing needs or product surveys, Formsite's versatile marketing form templates cater to contemporary businesses seeking efficient and effective marketing solutions. Our fully digital and mobile-friendly form templates cater to various industries and require no coding or HTML knowledge to use, customize, or embed on your website. Harness the potential of Formsite forms to enhance your daily marketing operations. Easily sign up potential and current customers for newsletters or conduct product pricing surveys. Each form and template is highly customizable using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. If you prefer, you can also start from scratch with our form builder tool.

Streamline Marketing Tasks and Workflows

Revamp your team’s productivity with forms and templates designed to simplify everyday marketing tasks and workflows. Find and hire freelancers, graphic designers, and other marketing professionals with ease. Speed up invoice and receipt management while maintaining seamless communication with customers through monthly newsletters. Tailor each Formsite form template to meet the specific needs of your marketing department and company. Thanks to our embedding feature, your team can access these forms directly from your website, ensuring easy accessibility for everyone.

Effortless Event Planning with Online Registration Forms

Take the hassle out of event registration and conference management with Formsite’s registration forms. After your event concludes, collect valuable feedback from attendees and leads using our evaluation forms and surveys. Integrate Formsite’s evaluation surveys into your event workflow to enhance conferences and live events while nurturing leads effectively. Our mobile-friendly registration forms allow participants to sign up and complete evaluations at their convenience. Furthermore, data collected can be easily exported for use in spreadsheets, CRMs, or other applications.

▪ Find more information about building registration forms at our How to Create a Registration Form guide

Simplify Market Research with Survey Templates

Conducting insightful market research doesn’t require complex or expensive survey software. Formsite’s survey form templates simplify the process of gathering essential information to gain a competitive edge. Customize our forms and templates to fit your specific requirements, whether it’s product pricing research, product naming research, or any other market research endeavor. Share forms effortlessly via email or social media to target your chosen audience or embed mobile-friendly form templates directly into your website for easy access. Need survey takers to view and respond to video? No worries, our Video Survey Form offers this capability and can be tailored to your precise needs.

Ensure Secure Data Collection with GDPR-Compliant Forms

If you collaborate with partners, clients, customers, or vendors in the EU or UK, GDPR compliance is crucial. Formsite’s editable form templates make GDPR compliance a breeze. Once you’ve made GDPR-related adjustments to your forms, maintain proper records regarding the data individuals consented to collect and store. Keep track of each form-related GDPR consent agreement, including the date of agreement.

Elevate your marketing efforts with Formsite’s online forms, marketing solutions, and customizable form templates. Streamline your processes, simplify event planning, conduct efficient market research, and ensure data security with our versatile and user-friendly tools.

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