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Create Online Sales Form Solutions
Create Online Sales Form Solutions

Simplify Your Sales Efforts with Formsite

Unlock the potential of your sales team with Formsite's user-friendly sales form templates. Our templates cover everything from lead capture to event registration, equipping your business with the tools it needs to transform prospects into loyal customers. Formsite's paperless forms are versatile and can be adapted for any industry without requiring coding or HTML expertise. Harness the power of Formsite sales forms to enhance lead generation and tracking. Whether you want to sign up potential clients for a newsletter or invite them to a lead-generating event, our customizable forms and intuitive drag-and-drop editor have you covered. You can also start from scratch using our form builder tool.

Effortlessly Streamline Lead Generation

Ensure seamless communication within your team by using Formsite’s lead generation and lead capture forms and templates. With our Salesperson Call Form and Lead Capture Form, you’ll always ask the right questions during phone calls, meetings, and emails. These Formsite form templates can be easily embedded into your website, ensuring that your marketing and sales teams can access them effortlessly. If you’re a Salesforce user, our integration with Salesforce simplifies lead capture, automating assignment rules and emails directly from the form.

Simplify Event Planning with Online Registration Forms

Facilitate event and conference sign-ups for existing customers and potential leads with Formsite’s registration forms. Gather valuable feedback from attendees post-event to enhance future gatherings and maintain ongoing lead engagement. You can seamlessly collect essential information via forms on your website, email, or social media pages, and export this data for use in other applications, including your CRM.

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Enhance Customer Satisfaction through Evaluation and Survey Forms

Retain your current customers by understanding their preferences and needs. Formsite’s customer satisfaction evaluation and survey forms make it easy to gather feedback and evaluate the buyer’s experience. By incorporating these form templates into your sales workflow, you’ll gain valuable insights into your product, service, and sales process. If you can’t find the specific form or template you need, our user-friendly form builder tool allows you to create one from scratch.

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Ensure GDPR Compliance for Secure Data Collection

For those dealing with customers, vendors, or businesses in the EU or UK, GDPR compliance is crucial. Formsite offers the flexibility to edit all form templates to meet GDPR requirements. Maintain comprehensive records that include individual names, consent to data collection and storage, consent agreement dates, and copies of consent contents. Stay compliant and protect your data with Formsite.

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