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Create Online Sales Form Solutions
Create Online Sales Form Solutions

How Formsite helps sales efforts

Streamline your sales team’s efforts with Formsite’s sales form templates. From lead capturing and call forms to event registration forms, Formsite’s sales form templates have nearly everything contemporary businesses need to convert leads into customers. Formsite’s paperless form templates can be used by any industry, and there’s no coding or HTML knowledge required to use them or embed them in your website. Use Formsite sales forms to improve lead generation and tracking. Sign potential customers up for a newsletter, or send out an invitation to a lead-generating event. Each form and template is customizable with our drag and drop editor, or you can build what you need from scratch with our form builder tool.

Streamline Lead Generation Workflows

Make sure your team is on the same page with every phone call, meeting, and email with Formsite’s lead generation and lead capture forms and templates. With Formsite’s Salesperson Call Form and Lead Capture Form, you can be sure to always ask the right questions. Each Formsite form template can be embedded right into your website, so your marketing and sales teams will always know where to find them. Do you use Salesforce? Formsite’s Salesforce integration makes lead capturing even easier, triggering assignment rules and emails right from the form.

Event Planning is Easy with Online Registration Forms

Make it simple for current customers and potential leads to sign up and register for events, conferences, and more with Formsite’s registration forms. Get feedback about your events from customers and leads after the fact. Not only will doing so improve your events and conferences in the future, but that natural point of contact will also continue your lead nurturing. Every bit of vital information you need can be gathered into forms straight from your website, email, or social media pages, and all the information gathered can be exported for use as in other applications, including your CRM.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction With Evaluation and Survey Forms

Hold on to your current customers by finding out what’s working for them and what isn’t. Formsite’s customer satisfaction evaluation and survey forms make it simple to solicit feedback and find out whether or not the buyer’s experience is everything it could be. When you make Formsite’s customer satisfaction form templates a regular part of your sales workflow, you’ll gain insight into your product, service, and sales process, and if we don’t have the exact form or template you need, you can build one from scratch with our easy to use form builder tool.

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Secure Data Collection with GDPR Compliant Forms

If you work with customers, vendors, or businesses in the EU or UK, GDPR compliance is a necessity. Since all Formsite form templates can be edited, all can also be made GDPR compliant. Once you have done so, be sure to maintain proper records that include the names of individuals and whether or not they granted the form owner consent to gather and store their data. The date of the consent agreement and a copy of its contents should also be kept as records.

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