Online Store Evaluation Template

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Make sure that your customers have a great user experience online shopping when you use the Formsite Online Store Evaluation Template to collect feedback. There are lots of e-commerce websites found on Google every day. Make sure yours is one of them. This simple evaluation form lets e-commerce sites gather information from their end users regarding customer satisfaction, consumer behavior, ease of use of your website design, and more. When you learn how people like to shop and interact with your webstore, you gain customer loyalty and increase sales.

This user-friendly form is easy to use and will help you bridge the gap between human-computer interaction. Use our standard template or modify it to meet the needs of your online store. Quickly survey your audience when you share the mobile-friendly form on social media channels using a custom link. Export the information you collect into a variety of formats including Excel, Word, CSV, PDF, and more. Use the information gathered to adjust product categories, payment options, shipping options, and other features of your e-store.

Online Store Evaluation Form

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Online Store Evaluation Forms

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