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Today’s employers, in their attempt to promote inclusion and build diverse workforces, are initiating diversity training to educate employees, along with promoting employee engagement. Our Diversity Training Feedback Form helps diversity training teams and employers with post-training data collection on their diversity training programs and initiatives. Training evaluations are useful for revising current trainings, developing and implementing training benchmarks, and finding topic gaps that help in developing diversity training programs. Diversity training surveys allow workers to share their employee experience and give human resource departments important post-training feedback. Of course, these feedback forms can be used by training firms, employers, or both as they are customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Another use for our diversity training feedback form is gathering diversity and inclusion focus group feedback from respondents via digital means. While this is a training survey template, it can be customized for other surveys or questionnaires, including gathering honest feedback from employees about cultural diversity in their work environments. The advantage to having respondents complete digital evaluation forms is that it reduces paperwork and allows digital compilation of respondent data. Formsite forms can also be downloaded to multiple spreadsheet formats including Excel and Google Sheets and exported into word processing formats, like Word or Google Docs.

Inclusion surveys and diversity training feedback forms, along with providing ratings and opinion feedback, may be used to gather respondent demographic data, including ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, and gender. You can customize the form to your specific needs. Our forms are easy to embed with no coding required; plus, they’re completely free.

If the Diversity Training Feedback Form doesn’t fit your needs, check out our large form template library to see if something else might be a closer fit. Formsite forms are great for all kinds of businesses to collect data, administer surveys, submit subscriptions, and more. Hospitals, educational institutions, banks, and other small to large-size businesses use our forms, but if your business has larger needs, we have enterprise solutions available. For more information, contact us today.

Diversity Training Feedback

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