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Our Equity Coaching Evaluation Form is a way for equity trainers to get attendee feedback from their instructional programs. Equity coaching evaluation forms provide efficient data collection and valuable feedback to equity coaches for evaluating their effectiveness. Equity coaches can use the feedback for self-assessment and make improvements to their instructional practices.

Equity work involves educating the learning community about teacher and staff member mindsets and the systemic forces that disproportionately allocate resources. Equity coaching and training builds cultural competence in schools and may also be used by youth development nonprofits. School districts may hire equity coaches to help staff uncover implicit bias and recognize racial inequities and other disparities, including sexual orientation and gender-based inequities. Some equity coaching includes education about resource inequities that undermine student success. Equity initiatives and coaching, when successful, help teachers and staff view their students through a more equitable lens and ensure that every student, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other demographic status, has their needs met in the classroom. This is what we need for systemic change.

Our evaluation template provides ranking questions about the equity training topics but can also be customized with custom equity and inclusion fields for respondents. It can also be modified to include respondent input about their school or organization or how they perceive the racial equity within their school. In other words, the forms can be useful for collecting feedback on equity issues for the school or institution that enlisted the equity training. Its use isn’t limited to equity coaching evaluations; coaches, in fact, sometimes curate self-assessment questions for attendees as a way to uncover implicit bias. Our forms are ideal for this because they’re so easy to customize. Formsite forms are a great part of an equity coach’s toolkit and can be creatively customized for many types of professional learning initiatives. Forms can also be updated and reused, as repeat equity training and evaluations are a way to monitor progress and gauge improvements in student outcomes across time. Our forms are easy to embed in your website with no coding required. Plus, you can download your data for sharing with stakeholders or using for collaborative projects. Formsite forms can be exported to PDF, Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, and other software programs as well.

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Equity Coaching Evaluation

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