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Create Online Agency Form Solutions

How we can help with Agency forms and surveys

Formsite’s form agency templates can easily be incorporated into routine workflows to help organize and streamline your agency’s work. Perfect for marketing agencies, modeling agencies, travel agencies, consulting agencies, and more, all of our form templates are 100% customizable with our drag and drop editor. You can also easily embed them right into your website without altering your web design. No coding or HTML knowledge required. From survey and evaluation forms to event registration, appointment forms, and online payment forms, we have the free form templates you need to smooth agency workflows and increase productivity.

Conduct Market Research with Ease with Online Survey & Evaluation Forms

Customer feedback is too valuable to leave to chance. Go after it with simplified market research efforts via Formsite’s survey and evaluation forms. Whether you’re polling current clients and prospects or the general public, a streamlined process can save you valuable time. Choose from questionnaires and feedback forms for ads, videos, product names, and prices. If you don’t see exactly what you need, edit an existing form template, or use our form builder tool to create something from scratch. All Formsite forms are mobile-friendly, so market research participants can take the surveys and then submit them anytime, anywhere.

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Manage Client Information & Sales Leads with Client Contact & Sign up Forms

Standardize how your team handles sales lead generation and new client sign ups with our contact and sign up forms. Be sure you always gather the information you need to close a sale. Keep track of every point of contact your team has with a potential client. All Formsite form data is easy to export in a wide variety of formats, including Google Sheets and Excel, for easy use in your CRM or other applications. We also offer many integrations, including a Salesforce integration, to streamline lead generation processes and customer success efforts. Try one of our signup forms today.

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Digitize Standard Human Resource Forms

Create new efficiencies and ease in your human resources department. Formsite form templates make onboarding new employees simple. Our forms and templates can help track employee complaints and disciplinary actions and gather references for applicants. All our forms can be embedded right into your website or social media pages, so potential employees can easily fill out job applications and submit them. Enable optional notifications so someone on your team is notified every time a form is submitted.

Streamline Recurring Agency Process & Protocols with Request Forms

From project change requests to IT needs, Formsite makes it easy to simplify and streamline your current agency processes and protocols. All Formsite request form templates and business forms can be edited and changed to suit the exact needs of your organization an infinite number of times. So as your agency changes and grows, your request forms can change and grow, too. If you don’t see the request form or template you need in our library, build one from scratch with our form builder tool. All our forms and templates are 100% secure and can be embedded into your website for easy access by employees, clients, vendors, partners, HR, and more.

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