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Online Education Form and Survey Solutions
Online Education Form and Survey Solutions

How Formsite helps educational organizations

Working as an educator requires wearing a lot of hats, and while the work is certainly rewarding, it provides its share of challenges, too. In addition to working with students, there are the concerns of parents, administrators, other educators, and other stakeholders to consider. Formsite’s Education Form and Survey Templates can help. With our sample templates and easy to use form builder, you can stay organized, reduce busywork, and gather all the information you need right when you need it. Formsite Education Form Templates are also mobile-friendly and can be embedded into any website, including WordPress, Wix and other site builder-created websites.

Student Registration Forms & Course Enrollment Forms Are a Breeze to Create

Make it simple for students to sign up, register, and apply for different classes, courses, and scholarships with Formsite’s Education Registration Forms. Gather all the information you need straight from your school’s website or social media pages with Formsite’s embeddable forms and templates. Find out about student eligibility and IEPs. Each online form and template is mobile-friendly, and all submitted information can be easily exported or printed for use in spreadsheets, planning sessions, or in your school management software or CRM.

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Get Better Insight with Teacher, Course, & Student Evaluation Forms

Gain insight into course and instructor quality, as well as student performance with Formsite’s Evaluation Form Templates. Grades can only provide part of your institution’s educational story. Be proactive about soliciting student and parent feedback and opinions on classes, educators, and the learning environment. Invite students to take a broader interest in their education with performance evaluations and progress reports. Send Formsite’s Evaluation Form Templates out as part of your regular semester workflow. If you don’t see what you need, tailor a sample template or build one from scratch.

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Easily Collect & Store Parental Consent & Authorization Forms

Get parental permission and securely gather and store all vital student information for field trips, after-school clubs, sports, medical emergencies, and more with Formsite’s Parental Consent & Authorization Forms. Our consent forms can be customized to fit any school-related need, and because all Formsite forms and templates are mobile-friendly, busy parents and guardians can fill them out anytime, anywhere. No more gathering up and keeping track of paper forms. No more thumbing through filing cabinets to find emergency contacts or allergy information. Formsite’s online and digital Parental Consent & Authorization Forms can be embedded directly into your website, and all form data is secure and exportable for easy use in other software.

Online Data Collection for Educators Has Never Been Easier

Streamline and improve your school’s data collection to improve learning and the learning environment. Find out how effective your online classes really are by surveying your students. Gather pertinent information and connect more meaningfully with school-adjacent organizations like the PTA and Booster Club. Find out what you can do to improve campus safety or accessibility. Every Formsite form and template can be fully customized to meet the needs of your educational institution. There’s no coding or HTML knowledge required. You can also set up automatic notifications so every time a survey or form is submitted, you or a member of your staff can be notified.

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