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Form and Survey Solutions for Travel Agents and Agencies
Form and Survey Solutions for Travel Agents and Agencies

How Formsite helps travel companies

Whether you're an individual travel agent or part of a team at a large travel agency, having the right forms and templates to streamline workflows can make the difference between loving your job and losing your mind. With Formsite's travel business forms and templates, you can easily track form submission data, customize registration forms and emergency contact forms, and build specialized forms from scratch. Use Formsite forms to gauge travel customer sentiment. Build a travel itinerary template that's branded, and easy to edit. Post mobile-friendly signup forms to social media for trips that are in the works. No matter what kind of forms or survey templates you need, Formsite can help reduce your busy work and improve organization. Every form and template is also completely secure and can be embedded into any website, including WordPress and other site-builder websites.

Process Online Payments with Ease

Process online payments for trips, rental cars, airline tickets, and the like via credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and more, without any stress, hassle or coding knowledge — regardless of whether your clients pay on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, or whether you submit payment on their behalf. We build industry-standard secure connections into every Formsite order form, so you and your clients are always protected. Form data is easy to access for reporting and receipting, too, and you can set up automatic notifications so that every time a client submits payment, you or a member of your staff are notified.


Streamline Trip Planning With Customizable Travel Booking Form Templates

Smooth out the kinks in your trip planning workflow with Formsite’s customizable travel booking form templates. Each of our editable forms makes it easy to gather contact information, dietary restrictions, health issues, and other vital information from your clients when you’re booking hotels, flights, conference seats, cruises, and more. Our secure, mobile-friendly online forms also allow you, as the form owner, to receive payment and process reservation fees online. All form data is easily exportable, so you can use it in other applications like Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, and your CRM.

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Improve Customer Experience With Survey and Evaluation Forms

Turn each customer’s experience into a learning opportunity with our customer service surveys and evaluation forms. Whether they just got back from Disney World or from a six-day trip in rural Japan, find out what did and didn’t work well for your travel clients. From overall experience evaluations to specifics around lodging, meals, entertainment, transportation, and the like, our survey and evaluation forms make it possible for you to glean valid intel that you can then use to improve your operations. You can even include surveys and evaluations as part of your workflow, ensuring ongoing travel client satisfaction and success.

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Protect Your Travel Agents and Travel Agency With Our Legal Forms

As you process and produce travel documents and incredible experiences for your clients, don’t forget to protect yourself, your employees, and your travel agency from legal harm. Our legal forms include waivers, release forms, and payment agreement forms, so should anything unforeseen happen, you know you’ll be protected. Need a form you don’t see? Create the legal forms you need with our form builder tool. All Formsite legal form data is 100% secure and easy to export and use in a number of different applications.

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