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Nonprofit Form and Survey Solutions
Nonprofit Form and Survey Solutions

How Formsite Empowers Nonprofit Organizations

Running a nonprofit is often as challenging as it is rewarding. From fundraising and soliciting donations to recruiting and registering volunteers, the scope of work can be both broad and time-consuming. Formsite’s Nonprofit Form and Survey Templates can help. Our sample templates and easy-to-use form builder reduce busywork, while increasing efficiency and productivity across your organization. Formsite form templates are all mobile-friendly and work seamlessly with WordPress and other site builders so you can easily embed them into your website.

Easy to Use Registration Forms for Events, Fundraisers, and More

Make it simple for donors, volunteers, partners, and vendors to sign up and register for your organization’s events, fundraisers, charity auctions, conferences, and more with Formsite’s Registration Forms. Easily gather vital information straight from your website or social media pages. All our nonprofit registration forms are mobile-friendly, and all the information gathered can be exported for use as PDFs, in spreadsheets, or in your CRM.

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Create Survey Feedback Forms for Event Attendees, Donors, & Stakeholders

Track donor, event attendee, and other stakeholder experiences and sentiment with Formsite’s Survey and Feedback Form Templates. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what they loved—or didn’t—about your last event or online workshop. Be proactive about soliciting employee and volunteer feedback and opinions. Make Formsite’s survey and feedback forms part of your regular workflow. Send them out via email or social media. If we don’t have exactly what you need, simply tailor a sample template to your specifications or build a survey feedback form from scratch.

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Collect Donations & Payments

Solicit, collect, and track donations and payments with ease for you and your donors. Each of Formsite’s Donations and Payment Forms can be customized to fit different payment options, including credit cards and PayPal. Whether you’re seeking monthly, quarterly, or one-time sponsorships from online donations, funding can easily make its way to your organization. All form data can be quickly exported for end of year reporting, receipting, and tax purposes, too.

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Lead Generation and Volunteer Recruitment with Contact Forms

Streamline and improve your nonprofit organization’s lead generation and volunteer recruitment. Finding and nurturing prospective donors and volunteers doesn’t happen by accident. Save time and reduce paperwork with Formsite’s Contact and Application Forms. Gather the contact information you need to be successful in your efforts. Gauge volunteer availability and skill level. Find out why potential leads are interested in your organization and where they heard about you. Set up automatic notifications so every time a new lead or volunteer fills out a form you or a member of your team are notified. Every Formsite form and template is fully customizable with our drag and drop editor. No coding or HTML knowledge required!

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Powerful Online Forms & Secure Data Collection for NPOs

Secure Data You Can Trust

We take data security seriously because we know every form created and submitted through Formsite gathers valuable data. We follow industry best-practices to keep all your data safe, secure, and accessible to you.

Enhance Annual Reports with Real-time Measurable Data

As data is gathered through Formsite, it’s updated in real-time. Export all form data whenever you need it in a wide variety of shareable formats, including colorful charts and graphs.

Easily Integrate with Existing Processes

With over a dozen integrations, including Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Docs, and more, it’s both simple and painless to add Formsite forms and templates into your organization’s current processes.

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