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Government Form and Survey Solutions
Government Form and Survey Solutions

How we help government agencies and organizations

Whether you work for a state government agency or a county extension office, forms, templates, and other types of "paperwork" likely fill up a large portion of your day to day. With Formsite's government form templates, you can update current forms, create entirely new forms, and easily transform legacy forms into digital paperless documents. From digital feedback form templates to citizenship surveys, real estate zoning proposal changes, community requests, and more, Formsite can improve your workflows . Each Formsite form is fully customizable with our easy to use form builder, and all form data can be easily exported into a variety of other formats, including Excel, PDF and Microsoft Word.

Process Online Payments with Ease

Collect online payments for taxes, licensing fees, trainings, fines, and more on smartphone, tablet, or desktop. All Formsite order forms are secure. Payment can be accepted via credit card, Stripe, PayPal, and more. Secure connections are built into every Formsite order form, so you and those using your government site are always protected. Easily access payment reports whenever you need to and send out receipts, as well.


Ensure Compliance with Nonprofit and Business Form Templates

Tracking and ensuring compliance from small businesses, industry, nonprofits, and the like can be time-consuming and complicated. Make it easy on yourself and the organizations and individuals you oversee with Formsite’s editable from builder. From new business registrations to our Workplace Safety Survey, gather all the information you need right from your website or an email. Form data is completely secure and can be downloaded and used in a wide variety of other software, streamlining your reporting processes.

Generate Interest and Action for Your Cause

A democratic government requires active participants. Use Formsite’s activism form templates to build momentum for your cause. Whether you’re gathering signatures for a petition, taking a survey about a politician or policy, or signing up volunteers for direct action, our forms can simplify your work and amplify your efforts.

Reduce Friction for Citizens and Residents

“It’s too hard to find!” or “I couldn’t understand it!” are common complaints among business owners, citizens and residents looking for necessary information from their city, county, state, and federal governments. Reduce friction and meet expectations with Formsite’s form and survey templates. Edit one of our License Applications or Information Request Forms and then embed it right in your website. Turn on optional notifications so whenever anyone submits a form, you or a member of your team can be notified immediately.

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