Criminal History Record Form Template

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Streamline the way you run background checks with the simple and secure Criminal History Record Form Template from Formsite. Gather the information you need to run a criminal history record check in a convenient online form that works on any device. This form can be used for a variety of purposes and makes the hiring process more efficient.

Potential employees or vendors can securely submit their background check information online and immediately submit it for review. Use Formsite’s prebuilt criminal history record template or customize it to meet your needs. Include important fields that will allow you to pull criminal history record information such as full name, date of birth, social security number, contact information and more. You can also use the request form to allow potential hires to optionally disclose any prior criminal record and any other additional information they may want to share such as whether or not it was a misdemeanor offense or perhaps a noncriminal arrest.

After the form has been submitted, you can then take the information provided and submit a formal record request. Every form comes with optional notification settings that you can choose to notify the correct team members as soon as a new form has been submitted.

Criminal History Record Form

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Criminal History Record Forms

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