Termination Checklist Form Template

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Create a smooth exit transition for your employees with the Termination Checklist Form Template from Formsite. Regardless of the reason for their departure, it is important to make the termination process as easy and as stress-free as possible for the exiting employee, their manager, and Human Resources. This simple employment Termination Checklist Form makes it easy to keep track of the necessary steps that are needed prior to the terminated employee’s last day. Was it an involuntary termination or a resignation? Will severance pay or PTO need to be issued? Keep track of questions like these and more with the termination checklist.

Use our prebuilt form template or quickly modify it to meet the needs of your company’s termination process. Incorporate checklist items such as employee name, employee information, COBRA information, company e-mail account, company cell phone issued, other company property that needs to be collected, date of last expense report, non-compete agreement review, resignation letter or termination letter received, date of last paycheck, and more. Make sure that you have everything ready to review during the exit interview. You can also export the checklist form into Excel, PDF, and a variety of other formats for later use.

Termination Checklist Form

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Termination Checklist Forms

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