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Make donating easy for your potential donors. This donation form template will take the hassle out of collecting charitable donations at your next upcoming event or fundraiser. Our form builder allows you to quickly customize the online donation form template to suit your organization. You can even share the links to the online forms so that a charitable donation can be made through social media or donation request letter.

Potential donors can trust adding their personal contact information through this secure, mobile-friendly form. Process donation payments online using a credit card and send a donation receipt following the transaction. You can also choose to receive notifications when new donations are made, share those results with others, and more. Donation management for non-profit organizations and fundraising efforts has never been easier. Don’t wait! Get started today!

Donation Form

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Formsite makes building and sharing online forms simple. Whether you need a basic donation form template for your next event or a more complex form to meet other business needs, we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

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