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Be notified when your forms and surveys are submitted by receiving an email. You can have a Notification sent to yourself, back to the person who filled out the form, or a third party. This is a great way to know when a new order comes in or someone signs up for your program. You can also send more details to the user as a receipt or include special instructions.

With a Notification, you can customize the information that will be sent in the email. Choose from one of several formats to show the results in or simply add a custom message. If you accept files on the form you can have them attached to the email. You can also add Conditional Logic Rules so that a given email will only be sent out when the form was filled out a certain way. In addition to this, we also offer special Email Routing items that can have the emails sent to a different person based on what options the user selects on the form. All of this combined allows you to setup extremely simple or complex email campaigns that will all happen automatically as your form gets filled out.

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Notifications Example Form

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