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Simplify the way new church members sign up to be part of your congregation with the Church Membership Form Template from Formsite. This convenient registration form allows new members to sign up online and saves the church administration from having to print, track, and file mountains of paperwork. By streamlining the process you also remove the hassle for church visitors who would like to become members by allowing them to use the online form to sign up via the website or church kiosks.

Use our Church Membership Form sample or customize the form to meet the needs of your organization. This easy to use information form can easily be adapted for any type of religious organization, such as a temple or mosque as well. Collect pertinent membership information like name, phone number, best contact information, names of other family members or regular church attendees, marital status, membership transfer from another church, and more. Choose to enable optional notifications so administrators or welcoming committee members can be notified when new members sign up. All Formsite forms are mobile friendly, editable, and easy to use. Export member information into Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, and more.

Church Membership Form

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Church Membership Forms

Formsite makes online forms easy. Whether you need a simple membership form, a feedback form, a liability waiver, or a variety of other useful forms for religious organizations, you are sure to find what you need in our template library. We also offer enterprise-level form solutions for large churches who have more complex online form needs. Getting started is easy. Try it today.

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