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Item Examples

Admin items allow you to collect additional data or notes that are hidden from form users but visible to administrators or specific users. These items serve as a valuable tool for enhancing the submission process and ensuring secure handling of sensitive information.

  • Protected Fields: Admin items allow the inclusion of protected fields within the form that are only visible to you or other designated admin users. This ensures confidentiality and security for sensitive or internal information.
  • Hidden from Users: Users filling out the form won’t see these Admin items, preserving the simplicity and clarity of the form interface.
  • Visibility in Results Formats: Admin items become visible only in the results or when editing submissions, keeping them confidential from form users.
  • Convenient for Complex Processes: Ideal for handling intricate processes or workflows where additional, private notes or data need to be included without being visible to respondents.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Particularly useful for sharing results among a team, facilitating collaborative efforts without compromising sensitive data’s security.

Example Use Cases:

  • Notes and Annotations: Add internal statuses, notes or annotations for specific submissions without exposing them to form users.
  • Order Details: Include extra information or specifications for orders that need to be kept private from customers.
  • Notifications and Results Reports: Efficiently manage and share notifications or reports among team members with added internal information.

For more detailed information on setting up and using Admin items in your forms, refer to our Support page.

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Admin Items Form

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