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Make sure that you have informed consent with the Consent Form Template from Formsite. Businesses and organizations need to protect themselves from liability and this simple consent form makes it easy to quickly gather the information and permission needed to proceed with work and activities.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has heightened awareness and increased a need for the use of informed consent forms. People need to understand the potential risks of participating in certain activities or even just going to work.

We have created a standard consent template that allows you to post and share an online consent form in just minutes. You can also choose to customize the template for your needs. Include fields for contact information, parental consent, photo release and more. Check out our form sample below.

Consent Form

Form Preview
Consent Form Templates

Formsite makes online forms easy. Whether you need a general consent form, a patient consent form, or permission from a parent/guardian, we have the form for you. We also offer enterprise level solutions for businesses and organizations with more robust form needs. Getting started is easy. Try it today.

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