Service Cancellation Survey Template

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Improve customer retention by gathering customer feedback when they cancel services. The Service Cancellation Survey Form Template from Formsite allows you to collect valuable insights with a simple customer exit survey. Use the cancellation survey template to understand the primary reason for cancellation. Were your customers unsatisfied? Did they feel that the price of the service was too high? Were they relocating? Gain powerful insights that will give you the know-how to improve service for current customers and lower your churn rate.

Take advantage of our prebuilt customer cancellation survey or build your own online survey to meet the needs of your unique business or service offering. Export survey results in a variety of formats that support detailed tracking within your organization. Formsite customers love the ease of use our form builder provides, and our online forms are always mobile friendly. You will receive a higher response rate by allowing users to quickly complete the customer satisfaction survey questions from any device.

Check out our standard cancellation form template below.

Service Cancellation Survey

Form Preview
Service Cancellation Surveys

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