Microsoft OneDrive integration

What is Microsoft OneDrive integration?

Microsoft OneDrive integration allows files uploaded to your form to be sent to a Microsoft OneDrive account.

In order to use this integration, you must have a Formsite account at the Pro 1 or higher service level and an active Microsoft OneDrive account. Use the instructions below to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive.

Formsite's Microsoft OneDrive settings

Your form's Microsoft OneDrive settings are controlled on your form's "Form Settings->Integrations->Microsoft OneDrive" page.

  • 1.

    Go to your form's "Form Settings->Integrations->Microsoft OneDrive" page.

  • 2.

    Click the "Get Authorization" button to authenticate with OneDrive. You will be asked to log into your Microsoft account if you are not already, and then click the "Yes" button to return to Formsite.

  • 3.

    Optionally enter the name of a folder to store your files in. If the folder does not already exist, it will be created.

  • 4.

    Save the page.

  • Collecting Microsoft OneDrive results

    Once the OneDrive integration has been completed, your form is ready to accept results. When a visitor completes a submission to your form, any uploaded files will be sent to Microsoft OneDrive. If there is an existing file in the OneDrive folder with the same name as a new file, Microsoft OneDrive will replace the file.

    NOTE: The integration can only send new files to your Microsoft OneDrive folder, it cannot access or delete existing files.

    Tips and troubleshooting

    If for some reason a result was not submitted to Microsoft OneDrive, or the OneDrive integration was not setup yet when the result was collected, you can resubmit it to Microsoft OneDrive by simply editing and updating the result at the "Results->Results Table" page.

    Sending large files to Microsoft OneDrive can take a long time. Sending more than 100 MB of files can sometimes cause the submission to "time out"; that is, the submission exceeds your browser's wait time and it gives up waiting for a response.

    If your Microsoft OneDrive account becomes full or exceeds its rate limit, the integration will fail.

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