What is accessibility?

Accessibility assists users with disabilities in interacting with your form. Formsite forms can support Section 508 and WCAG 1.0 (Level AA) accessibility standards.

Formsite forms have accessibility built into form fields and features wherever possible, but some cases may require special attention to ensure content does not go beyond what accessibility can support.

Accessibility guidelines

Due to the nature of accessibility, forms must be planned and built with accessibility in mind.

General guidelines

  • Color alone should not be used to highlight important information. Colors should have sufficient contrast. Some users cannot see certain colors or distinguish colors that are too similar.
  • Image items should have Alternate Text set. This should be a description of the image for users who are unable to see images.
  • Animated images should not flash or flicker. Flashing or flickering at between 2 and 55 cycles per second can trigger optically-induced seizures.
  • Use descriptive labels for all form fields. Fields with labels that are empty or not descriptive will not be accessible for users with screen reading software.
  • Ensure any custom HTML that you add to your form is fully valid. Invalid HTML can confuse screen reading software.

Full detailed guidelines can be found at Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, ยง1194.22 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Non-accessible features

Some form items are not able to work in an accessible way. For example, a Signature item requires users to visually draw their signature and there is not a way to replicate this in a non-visual way.

List of items that are not fully accessible:

  • Calendar
  • Signature
  • Star Matrix
  • Multi Scale items
  • Text List

Do not use these items when accessibility is required.

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