Admin Items

What is an Admin Item?

Admin Items are a class of items that do not appear to users filling out your form. But you can view and edit Admin Items in results. This provides a method to implement "For Office Use Only" sections on your form, or to store other types of meta-data which should be hidden from users.

Create an Admin Item

Any compatible item can be set as an Admin Item by editing it and then enabling its "Admin Item" setting.

Viewing Admin Items

Admin Items do not appear to users filling out your form. They will be shown in all results formats by default, including when you edit results, in Notification emails, and in Reports. As with all items, you can disable them from view by using Results Views.

Additional information

Almost any item can be an Admin Item. File Uploads and Page Breaks cannot be Admin Items.

Because Admin Items are removed from your form when a user is filling it out, Rules that use Admin Items as criteria may not work as expected.

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