Results Filters

What are Results Filters?

Results Filters are a way to view only the results that match specified criteria. This is useful to hide results you are not interested in or to easily group results with matching fields. You can create and maintain Results Filters by using the "Results->Results Filters" menu option.

Results Filters can be applied to results in the following areas:

  • Results Table
  • Reports
  • Exports
  • Delete Results
  • Integrations

There is no limit to the number of Results Fitlers you can create or use

Create a new Results Filter

On the Results Filters page, click the "New" button and enter a unique name in the Name field. In the "Rules" section, you can then select the item, operator and value you want for each Filter rule. To add or delete a rule, click the add or delete icon to the right of the rule. When you are finished, click the "Save" button.

Edit or delete an existing Results Filter

On the Results Filters page, use the selector on the left to select a Filter. Modify any settings. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. To delete the Filter, click the "Delete" button.

Results Filters on multiple choice items

The types of operators available when making rules depends on the type of item. Multiple choice items, such as Radio Buttons and Checkboxes, have a limited list of choices, so the only available operators are "is" and "is not", which will match any responses where the specified value was chosen. With these items, you can also select the possible choice values from a list along with the "any response" value, which will match any result where the item was answered by the user.

Results Filters with multiple rules

Results Filters employ a join method when there are two or more rules. You can select between "AND" and "OR". The "AND" method makes the filter more specific, yielding fewer results (field A contains "this" AND field B contains "that"). The "OR" method makes the filter broader, yielding more results (field A contains "this" OR field B contains "that").

Additional information

Results Filters are form specific, there is no way to use a Filter with a form other than the one it was created for. When you copy a form, any Results Filters it has will also be copied.

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