Google Sheets integration

What is Google Sheets integration?

Google Sheets integration allows responses from your form to be sent into a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account.

In order to use this integration, you must have a Formsite account at the Pro 1 or higher service level and an active Google account. Use the instructions below to integrate your form with your Google Docs account.

Formsite's Google Sheets settings

We recommend creating a separate Google account specifically for use with Formsite, if possible. This account can then be used in Formsite to setup Google Sheets integration. You can share spreadsheets in this separate Google account to other accounts. To share a spreadsheet, follow the "Share" menu option once logged into Google Docs.

Your form's Google Sheets settings are controlled on the "Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets" page.

Setup Google Sheets integration by following these steps once you have your Google account.

  • 1.

    Log into your Formsite account and go to the "Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets" page for your form.

  • 2.

    Click the "Get Authorization" button to retrieve an authentication token from Google. You will be asked to log into your Google account if you are not already, and then click the "Allow" button to return to Formsite with the new token.

  • 3.

    Enter the name of the spreadsheet that should be saved to Google. The default is the form's name.

  • 4.

    Select the Results View, Results Filter, and Results Labels that should be applied to results when inserting them into the spreadsheet. Only those responses allowed by the Results View and Filter will have their results inserted.

  • 5.

    Save the page. The spreadsheet will automatically be created in your Google Sheets area if you have any existing results. Otherwise it will be created upon the first result submission.

  • Collecting Google Sheets results

    Once Google Sheets integration has been completed, your form is ready to accept results. When a user fills out your form, their response will be inserted into the specified Google Docs spreadsheet.

    To pre-populate a Google spreadsheet with existing form results created before the integration was set up, download your results from your form's "Results->Export" page, using the "Comma-Separated" Data Delimiter option. Once you have downloaded the file, import it into Google using the "Upload" button at The name you assign to the spreadsheet when uploading should match the Google Spreadsheet Name field on the "Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets" page.

    When editing a result from the "Results->Results Table" page or when using the Save & Return feature, your spreadsheet results will automatically get updated. Your chosen Results View needs to include the "Reference #" field for this functionality.

    NOTE: Your Google account is independent of your Formsite account. Results will be saved to your Google Docs spreadsheet as well as Formsite when the form is submitted or results are edited.

    Tips and troubleshooting

    If for some reason a result was not submitted to Google, or Google Sheets integration was not setup yet when the result was collected, you can resubmit it to Google by simply editing and saving the result at the "Results->Results Table" page. A spreadsheet will automatically be created in your Google Docs account with the specified name if it does not already exist.

    The columns in the Google spreadsheet are based upon your form's format when the spreadsheet is created. If you edit the form or any of the items after the spreadsheet has been created in Google, results may not be saved correctly. To resolve this, you can edit the spreadsheet from within Google Sheets to match your form, delete the spreadsheet altogether, or start a new Google spreadsheet by changing the "Spreadsheet name" setting on the "Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets" page. If you delete the spreadsheet or start a new one, it will be created after saving the "Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets" page or upon the next form submission. Deleted items and results will not be preserved in the spreadsheet if it is recreated.

    Google has a limit of 50 authorization tokens per Google account per app. If you integrate your Google account with more than 50 Formsite forms and exceed this limit, Google may start revoking older tokens causing the integrations for those forms to fail. If you need to integrate with more than 50 forms, you can work around this by copying the value of the "Token" setting from a working form into an older form so they share the same token and reduce the total number of tokens you are using. Google also suggests using multiple Google accounts to decrease the number of integrations in a single account.

    NOTE: Deleting results within Formsite will not delete results from your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

    Additional information

    The instructions for creating and working with your Google Docs account were created by Formsite to assist you in creating your Google account as easily as possible. If Google makes changes to their site, these instructions may become inaccurate. Please contact Google with any Google Docs specific questions.

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