Server Post integration

What is Server Post integration?

Server Post integration allows responses from your form to be sent as a webhook to a third-party server.

In order to use this integration, you must have a Formsite account at the Pro 1 or higher service level. Use the instructions below to integrate your form with a third-party server.

Formsite's Server Post settings

Your form's Server Post settings are controlled on the "Form Settings->Integrations->Server Post" page.

  • Log into your Formsite account and go to your form's "Form Settings->Integrations->Server Post" page.
  • Enter the URL of your server. This should be the full URL of the webhook-ready file, including the http/https prefix.
  • Select the Message Format. This is the format the results will sent in. "Name-Value Pairs" is the standard HTTP parameters format, but you can alternately choose JSON, XML, or one of our Comma-Separated (CSV) formats, depending on what your server application requires.
  • Enabling the "Use Server Response as Success Page" setting will cause your server's response to be displayed in place of your form's regular Success Page. The response is handled as HTML.
  • Use the Additional Parameters setting to pass other parameters to your server. These should be in the Name=Value format, and will be appended to the webhook message body during the POST request.
  • Select the Results View, Results Filter, and Results Labels that should be applied to results when posting them to your server. Only those responses allowed by the Results View and Filter will have their results sent.
Collecting Server Post results

Once the Server Post integration has been configured, your form is ready to send results as a webhook to your destination server. When a visitor fills out your form, their responses will be sent to the specified URL when the visitor submits the last page and the result enters the "Completed" status.

When editing a result from the "Results->Results Table" page, or when using the Save & Return feature, the updated results will trigger the webhook and automatically be sent to your server.

Results for form items will closely resemble the naming conventions specified by Formsite's API at the "Form Settings->Integrations->API" page. You can modify the names of the item parameters by using Results Labels. The basic format for different item types when using the Name-Value Pairs format is:

Item Type Format
Text field ID
Radio/Checkbox ID
Text Matrix ID-subquestion-row
Radio/Checkbox Matrix ID-row
Radio/Checkbox Multi-Scale ID-scale-row

If the Server Post fails, the result will enter the "Failed" status, and the visitor will be shown an error page. You can see results' statuses on the "Results->Results Table" page.


To see how your server is responding, turn on the "Use server response as Success Page" setting. Make sure your server is not responding to the webhook with an error message.

Additional information

Server Post integration uses the HTTP POST method and results will be sent in the request's Content section, encoded based upon the selected Message Format.

The Additional Parameter(s) option is only available for the Name-Value Pairs format.

If a result is not sent due to a Results Filter, the default Success Page will be shown regardless of the "Use Server Response as Success Page" setting's value.

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