Mass Email

What is Mass Email?

Mass Email is a way for you to contact everyone who has submitted your form and agreed to accept your email. You can find the Mass Email function by going to "Results->Mass Email".

Mass Email requirements

To send Mass Email to your results list, you need:

  • Pro 1 or higher service level
  • An Email Address item in your form
  • A Mass Email Permission item in your form
What is Mass Email Permission?

The Mass Email Permission item places a checkbox on your form that provides every user the ability to opt in or out of your Mass Email. This is necessary to comply with spam laws regarding acceptable email practices and privacy policies. Collecting opt-in preferences does not guarantee that your email will be delivered successfully or that there will be no spam complaints, but it will protect you and your users from complaints of unauthorized use of their contact information.

Mass Email capabilities

The Formsite Mass Email function can email a list of all opted-in email addresses for an individual form. Additionally, you can create a Results Filter to send to only a segment of your results list. The function provides the ability to send text and HTML in your email, which includes custom colors, images, links, etc.

What it does not do:
This is not an email marketing tool and provides no personalization options, no action triggers, and no delayed or other time-based sending options. For all of those features, we have developed an integrated connection with MailChimp that allows for advanced list building and sending features.

Additional information

The From field in the Mass Email page allows you to customize the clear text part of the message and the Reply To address, but not the actual From address. For example, the From address will appear as: < >

The actual email address will be in order to comply with spam regulations against falsifying the true origins of the message.

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