What are Notifications?

Notifications are a way to send email each time a user submits your form. You can send information to yourself, to a list of people, or to the user who filled out your form.

There is no limit to the number of Notifications you can create or use.

Create a new Notification

On the Notifications page, click the "New" button. Then, choose where the Notification will be sent; you can enter one or more addresses separated by a comma, or choose an Email Address or Routing item present on your form. Check "Include form results..." if you want to send a formatted copy of the form submission, or "Include message..." if you want to send a custom message, or you can check both. When you are finished, click the "Save" button.

Edit or delete an existing Notification

On the Notifications page, use the selector on the left to select a Notification. Modify any settings. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. To delete the Notification, click the "Delete" button.

Notification formats
  • Table: A two column table of question and answer pairs.
  • PDF: Pro 2 level and higher accounts can use custom Results PDFs.
  • Populated Form Link: A link to view the result populated into your form.

A custom message can also be sent as a Notification, with or without the form results. Custom messages support Piping.

Attaching files

By default, user files uploaded via File Upload items are shown as links to where the files have been stored in your account. You can turn on the "Attach uploaded files" setting to directly attach up to 5 MB of uploaded files to the Notification. If the files exceed the 5 MB limit, no files will be attached.

NOTE: Attaching files to a Notification may affect its deliverability. Some organizations have spam filters that block files or limit the types of files that can be received. If you plan to receive a large amount of files, monitor your inbox to make sure it does not become full.

Routing Items

You can use a Radio Button Email Routing item, a Dropdown Email Routing item, or Checkbox Email Routing item as a Notification's "To" or "From". These item types appear in the "Email Items" category in the list of items that can be added to your form.

When used as the "To", the Notification will be sent to each of the addresses the user selected. When used as the "From", the Notification will be sent as from the first address the user selected (an email can only have one from address).

Conditional Logic

You can use the "Conditional logic" settings to use the user's form submission to decide whether a Notification will be sent. For example, you could have a Notification send only if a user answers "yes" to a certain question. The Conditional Logic rules are similar to Item and Page Rules.

When Payment Integration is enabled, you can also set Notifications to be sent after the result is confirmed, but before the user pays ("Before Payment"), or only after a successful payment ("After Successful Payment").

Notification examples

The most common use of Notifications is to have your form email you a copy of each user's submission. To do this, on the Notifications page, create a new Notification. Select "Defined Addresses" as the "To" and enter your email address. If there are several addresses you wish to send to, you can separate them with a comma. If you have an Email Address item on your form, you can enable the "From" setting to have the email's "From" set to the user's email address.

Another common use of Notifications is to send the user a confirmation email or auto-response. To do this, you will need a form with an Email Address form item. On the Notifications page create a new Notification. Select your form's Email Address item as the "To". Then, uncheck "Include form results..." and check "Include message..." instead. Enter the message you wish to send and click "Save". Alternately, you can use "Include form results..." to send the user a receipt of their submission.

Additional information

You can send your saved Notifications, or a custom one, from the Results Table by using the mail/envelope icon. Doing this will disregard any Conditional Logic that is setup for the Notification and instead send out the email immediately. This can be helpful to re-send a lost email or to forward the result to another person.

Notifications are form specific, there is no way to use a Notification with a form other than the one it was created for. When you copy a form, any Notifications it has will also be copied.

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