Authorize.Net integration

What is integration? payments lets your form visitors send payments using your form, and the integration updates your results with the real-time status of each transaction.

  • Pro 1 or higher Formsite account.
  • merchant account.
Formsite's settings

Your form's settings are controlled on your form's "Form Settings->Payments" page. In order to enable integration for your form, it must have at least one order form (Pricing) item.

Setup integration by following these steps once you have your account:

  • You will need your API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you do not already have this information, log into your account. Go to the Account tab and then click the "API Login ID and Transaction Key" link. Note the API Login ID and create a new Transaction Key, if necessary.
  • Log into your Formsite account and go to your form's "Form Settings->Payments" page.
  • Select payment integration and enter your Login ID and Transaction Key from above.
  • Enter the remaining information to further customize your integration.

Settings specific to, such as the payment methods you wish to accept and Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), are controlled from within your account.

Recurring Billing (Subscriptions)

Recurring Billing can be used when you select "On Form" for the Payment Location setting. The Recurring Amount can be either the Order Total from your Form or a Fixed Amount. Moreover, you can specify a One-Time Fee to be charged to the user immediately, in addition to the recurring charges. The form's Order Total must be used for either the Recurring Amount or the One-Time Fee, if not both. The Description fields should be used to describe the charges, as the description for any Fixed Amount charge will be displayed as a line item in the order summary that is displayed to the user and in various results formats.

When Recurring Billing is enabled, the One-Time Fee will be charged immediately after your form is submitted. A Recurring Subscription Schedule will be created inside your account for the recurring charges. The subscription will automatically become disabled if a credit card fails in processing, and updating the Subscription inside your account can re-enable it.

Due to the unique functionality of's Recurring Billing, it can only be combined with the Pay by Check payment method. To use Recurring Billing, the Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) service should be turned on inside your account.

Viewing results

Once integration has been enabled for your form, you can view the status of a result's transaction by using the "Results->Results Table" page. Each result row will have a "History" link for more information and one of the following status icons:

The payment was successful.
The payment was successful, but additional information is also available, such as a refund or duplicate order. The order also may have been updated, changing the total amount.
The payment has not yet completed or your account is not set up correctly.
The payment attempt failed.

NOTE: Your account is the final record of all payments and refunds. There should not be a discrepancy between and Formsite, but in the event that this situation arises, takes precedence over Formsite. error messages

Common messages:

  • 13: "The merchant Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive."
    Make sure you have followed the steps outlined above in Formsite's Settings.
  • 14: "The Referrer or Relay Response URL is invalid."
    You entered a response/relay URL into Integrating your Formsite account with your account requires this to be blank. Also, verify that the Silent Post URL setting is blank.

If you are getting additional errors, please consult's Reason Response Code page for more information.

Additional payment gateways integration supports nine additional payment gateways:

  • Cyberauthorize
  • eProcessingNetwork
  • Expitrans
  • GoEmerchant
  • OmniFund
  • InternetSecure
  • Network Merchants
  • PayJunction
  • PlanetAuthorize
  • QuantumGateway
Additional information

When any payment integration is enabled, you can also set the Conditional Logic in your Notifications to send either before the user pays ("Before Payment") or only after a successful payment ("After Successful Payment").

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